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YoseDisplay started early with innovation in the professional visual display market. Our early innovations include full color LED screens, LED floor tile screens, and LED peripheral systems introduced later.

YoseDisplay continues to invest heavily in research and development, developing its line of optical screens and LED film displays to meet the needs of the commercial and residential AV markets, as well as many other industries.

YoseDisplay is committed to providing professional display solutions for the world, covering a wide range of industry fields, including Intelligent LED , LED Film, Touch Screen and LED video Floor .

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LED floor tile screen

An LED interactive floor solution can bring you a totally difference new world ,from virtual to reality,not just a display,but intelligent interaction technology art!

Led floor module can be made in shaped and size you want for every application such as ktv, bars, shopping malls, squares, parks, planning halls, museums, museums, science centers, tourism, glass walkways, tv stations, exhibitions, leasing, indoors, outdoors

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LED transparent film screen
LED Glass Film

A new renovation level with perspective view yose color transparent led film is a revolution in display technology. It is a transparent led film that can be pasted to the existing glass surface due to its special self-adhesive material. Its superb transparency gives the glass surface or window, and it is full of mysterious beauty full of vivid colors. Renovate your ordinary store or building with this revolutionary material and interact seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

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Magic Smart TV Mirror


Our new 4K Smart Mirror offers luxurious Smart TV’s with an optical mirrored fascia offering superior clarity and definition.

The 4K invisible glass screen produces ultra high definition images as well as a sleek, modern mirror when the TV is not in use.

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