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YoSeDisplay commitment to research and development products widely used in outdoor advertising media, cultural and entertainment activities, sports venues, stage rentals, with the full-color display system advantages, from design, production, installation to maintenance, the use of all-round integrated solutions, effectively reduce The overall cost...
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YoseDisplay can supply various indoor LED display of different models, shapes and sculpts according to the environment installed on the site.Customers can make your own corresponding video sources according to your own commercial brands, cultural fields and visual impacts. In the multi-function production, people can interact with screen. Visual interaction and other display effects.


YoSe outdoor LED display is a playing media for outdoor advertising. It has the functions of waterproof, moisture proof, corrosion, etc., and can still play normally in harsh environments. It synchronizes the computer signal and can selectively play the Video specified by customer.


YoSe LED floor tile screen is an application-oriented LED display with anti-pressure, anti-stepping, wear-resistant, waterproof, moisture-proof and other advantages. It can be applied to many fields such as auto show, commercial plaza, stairway, science and technology planning hall, etc. With the power of technology, it can track the movement of the human body and present instant picture effects, thus realizing the visual effects of people passing by, blooming flowers, mermaid ripples and so on. .


LED flexible screen can be applied for LED bar screen according to the shape S-type PUB bar Maipu wave-shaped led YE field screen fan-shaped display, water-based electronic screen and other products. Make full use of the site and achieve sound, light and shadow effects
LED rental screen

LED rental screen

LED rental screen The structure of the screen body itself adopts the die-cast aluminum box design. The special buckle link between the box body and the box body has the advantages of light weight, high splicing precision, fast installation speed and simple and quick maintenance. Main song and dance evenings, tour, fashion release and other fields


LED custom creative screen, customized display of various shapes according to customer requirements
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About YoSeDisplay
YoSeDisplay has an effective and professional team in the field of LED display screens, proudly boast cutting edge manufacturing facilities,We manufacture an innovative range of LED display screen solutions designed to advertise, perform and entertain in a variety of different places effectively such as;Plazas, shopping malls, museums, banks, TV stations, stage rentals, concerts, advertising media and stores.Our products are known for their outstanding image quality and performance. What we can do? We manufacture a wide range of professional, h...
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Our Products
  • LED full color large screen

    LED full color large screen

    Video playback can display true color dynamic video images computer graphics and text information playback function can display a variety of computer information LED display network function
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  • 50 inch floor vertical right angle LCD advertising machine

    50 inch floor vertical right angle LCD advertising machine

    Backlight: LED Material: aluminum alloy round frame, tempered glass panel, hardware back cover Storage: SD/U disk Type: stand-alone version, online version (WIFI/3G/wired RJ45), Android version Installation: floor type (vertical)
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  • yose Nano touch coffee table

    Nano touch coffee table

    The multi-function touch coffee table adopts the latest nano-touch technology, which is similar to the shape of a coffee table.
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  • Yose Dynamic LED floor light

    Dynamic LED floor light

    Dynamic LED tile lights have different resolutions for different models of pixels. Customers can choose the model according to the site requirements. Each model has more than 50 kinds of pattern effects built in, which can play video content and display text in various formats in real time.
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  • full color screen service provider

    Led rental display full color screen service provider

    HD display High refresh Seamless stitching Lightweight, high strength
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  •  LED rental display

    Indoor and outdoor LED rental display

    Size: (160*160m) Pixel pitch: 2.5mm Resolution: 64*64 Dos Pixel density: 1600 points / m2 Scanning method: 1/32 crossflow white Balance brightness: 1500cd/m2 Viewing distance: 2m-25m unit board
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  • full color LED display

    P2.976 indoor high-definition full color LED display

    Scope of application: Shopping malls, enterprises, schools, stage, banking, securities, public security, transportation, industry and commerce, electricity, customs, hospitals, parks, airports, stations, stadiums and other fields.
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  •  LED stage screen P2.604 full color large screen new technology

    Outdoor HD LED stage screen P2.604 full color large screen new technology

    Resolution: 1920*1080 Grayscale: 4096 Brightness: 1200CD/m2 Distance: 2.604mm Power consumption: 300w Interface type: 24 pins; DVI-D interface; HDMI interface, screen ratio: 16/9
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  • yose Touch LED table screen

    Touch LED table screen

    Multi-point function: Supports zooming, zooming, rotating, moving and other multimedia content such as 3D models, pictures, videos, songs, etc., and can increase operation functions according to customer requirements.
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  • yose LED custom screen

    LED custom screen

    Shaped LED display / LED electronic DJ screen / bar creative LED DJ screen Features: Hyun, cool, odd, magic LED 3D DJ table, composed of LED shaped module splicing LED pixel density 43264 points / square, high-definition display, the effect is delicate Can be assembled and disassembled for easy and quick installation Synchronize music and effects with German MADRIX softwar
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Latest News
How to achieve high protection for LED display March 23,2020.

How to achieve high protection for LED display

For the general indoor LED display screen, the product is delivered in the state of zero failure, but after a period of use, there will be the phenomenon of broken lights and lights, and also because of the inadvertent collision of the people; In the...
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  • yose electronics teaches you how to create an immersive experience hall with LED screen
    March 8,2020.

    yose electronics teaches you how to create an immersive experience hall with LED screen

    The immersive experience is to provide participants with a completely immersive experience, so that users have a feeling of being in the virtual world. The helmet display is used to close the user's vision and hearing to generate virtual vision. At t...
  • How to buy a right LED display
    January 6,2020.

    How to buy a right LED display

    How To Buy A Right  LED Display A video wall is only as good  as the sum of its parts. Just one component can impact overall visual performance, and it’s important to spot the red flags. With changing standards and wide range of product qua...
  • Yose super protection 1.875 launched HD immersive solution
    November 15,2019.

    Yose super protection 1.875 launched HD immersive solution

    Recently, yose released a super high-definition LED display screen, which can be installed on the wall and on the ground, and won the favor of customers. Its models can be P3, p2.5, p1.875, p1.667, p.1587, etc., which completely solved the technical ...
  • Five key technologies of LED display quality
    October 24,2019.

    Five key technologies of LED display quality

    LED display is composed of a row of light-emitting diodes, so the quality of led directly affects the overall quality of the display. 1. Brightness and Perspective The brightness of the display mainly depends on the luminous intensity and led density...
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