Flexible LED Film Display

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Flexible LED  Film Display 

LED Flexible Film Screen

◆ Soft film design structure is adopted, and the permeability is ≥ 90%. No fan design, absolutely silent operation.

◆ The flexible silica gel design bonded with glass makes it easy to carry and install without box structure. Direct fitting glass installation

◆ High refresh, high contrast, high gray scale, super gorgeous image quality, and broaden the display scene of architectural space.

◆ Ultra wide viewing angle, so that your screen has the largest viewing area.

◆ Special connection lock shall be used for connection, and the flatness of the whole screen and splicing joint shall be less than 0.5mm.

Flexible LED  Film Display

◆ Modular design for easy installation and maintenance

◆ High permeability, direct fitting to glass curtain wall and direct installation

◆ The screen body is light, so there is no need to worry about increasing the bearing capacity of the wall structure

◆ No noise, low power consumption and long service life

◆ Energy saving, environmental protection and good heat dissipation

◆ More creative advertising

A thin film display with core ,lamp bead service life up to 10W+ hours ,Embedded drive IC for more accurate control

Flexible LED  Film Display    Flexible LED  Film Display

Scope of application:

It is widely used in stage dance beauty, large shopping malls, science and technology museums, glass windows, architectural media, etc

Flexible LED  Film DisplayFlexible LED  Film Display

Flexible LED  Film Display Flexible LED  Film Display

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Flexible LED  Film Display

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Flexible LED  Film Display

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Flexible LED  Film Display

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Flexible LED  Film Display

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Flexible LED  Film Display

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