Flexible Transparent LED Film Displays

Flexible Transparent LED Film Displays

LED glass films for flexible LED displays are available in various forms, designed to be applied on glass surfaces. 

Adhesive LED Transparent Film: You can find adhesive LED transparent films that are self-adhesive and easily attach to glass or windows without complex structures. They are suitable for creating transparent LED displays.

Flexible LED Screen Film: Flexible LED films are designed for glass and offer high permeability. They can be directly fitted to glass curtain walls and are ideal for creating large-scale LED video walls for commercial advertising.

Transparent LED film that supports curved glass or window applications. This film provides high transparency and can be used for various display purposes.Transparent LED film that supports curvatures up to 2,000R. This means it can be applied to both convex and concave glass or window surfaces, making it suitable for curved designs.

LED glass films are explicitly designed for curved surfaces, including round or concave windows. These films are versatile and can enhance privacy, reduce glare, or improve energy efficiency on curved glass.

LED glass  films are versatile and can be used in architectural glass curtain walls, for advertising displays, and more.