Case Application

Each case is a fusion of art, and each wonderful design is an extremely rare art treasure

Indoor and outdoor interactive floor LED displays provide an innovative digital interactive experience. These displays can be embedded into the floor surface and interacted with through touch or walking, showcasing different visual effects and sound feedback .Indoor transparent film displays are a special LED display technology that can convert windows and glass panels into digital advertising media. They have high transparency and visibility, allowing eye-catching digital content to be displayed on store windows and commercial buildings .Flexible LED displays can be bent, folded, and installed as needed, making them suitable for various indoor and outdoor locations. They are lightweight, thin, and highly flexible, offering innovative display solutions .Rental LED displays are a flexible solution suitable for various events, exhibitions, and performances. These displays can be quickly installed and dismantled, and support seamless splicing to achieve large-size high-definition display effects. Rental LED displays are widely used in conferences, exhibitions, sports events, and other occasions .Smart mirrors are innovative products that integrate LED display screens and mirror technology.Smart mirrors can display information such as time, weather, and health data,and provide functions like virtual try-on and makeup guidance. They are widely used in stores, hotels, gyms, and homes, offering personalized user experiences .