Intelligent Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen

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Intelligent interactive LED floor tile screen is designed

for indoor and outdoor exhibition halls

Digital display equipment customized for special background environment

This LED floor is adopted  the most advanced optical sensing technology in the world

The  interactive LED floor can sense human body movements and capture them accurately

And catch the stage effect picture of moving object change on LED display screen,

Based on the effect, the most advanced planar antenna technology on the market 

The Intelligent LED Floor  has both radar  and sensing technology and immersive users feel.

 Intelligent Interactive  LED Floor Tile Screen

The mold of the LED intelligent floor Display  ,

bottom shell, mask and power cord of the group

and signal lines are specially designed. Waterproof and moisture-proof materials ,

made with low moisture absorption coefficient.After many times of sealing treatment,

the Floor tile Screen has good waterproof and moisture-proof function,

front and back of the cabinet can reach IP68 waterproof level. 

Each Components of  The floor  screen are designed according to different mechanics,

the ultimate load per square meter can be up to 3 tons.

The cover of interactive LED floor made of imported PC material,

with high wear resistance and flexibility ,

good high and low temperature resistance,in order to e

nhance the adaptability to the harsh outdoor environment

The aplicability and safety are strong UV resistance,

low temperature resistance and high resistance flammability.

 Intelligent Interactive  LED Floor Tile Screen

The Feature:

1. The interactive response speed is fast,

and the response time is 50 microseconds.

2.Point-to-point multi-point interaction,

not limited by the number of interaction points.

3. The mask is made of imported polymer PC raw materials,

with low moisture absorption coefficient ,anti-skid and anti glare design.

4. The built-in optical sensing chip does not need an external interactive sensing device

and is not disturbed by external light or radio waves.

5.The installation structure is made of high-strength anti-corrosion materials,

with adjustable single point height, anti-skid and shock absorption functional design.

6.The software supports the production and playback of

various interactive materials in Tuoi, flash and UDP point-to-point formats.

7.The software supports the function of sensing objects with intelligent shielding.

 Intelligent Interactive  LED Floor Tile Screen

                             How to realize human-computer interaction with Floor LED Display


The interactive LED floor  screen senses the objects on the surface of

the screen through the micro optical sensing device,

and transmits the information of the sensing device to the interactive main control computer.

After calculating the positioning coordinates of

the sensing device through calculation and processing,

the interactive main control computer sends command information to the main control PC,

and the main control PC retrieves the corresponding interactive materials or

interactive files according to the command of the interactive main control,

Display the corresponding scene material.

From control to installation, it is convenient and fast,

with fast response speed and high accuracy of induction display.

It can be used in multiple scenes and linked by multiple devices.

 Intelligent Interactive  LED Floor Tile Screen

Therefore, it is called LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen.

Moreover, the LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen

can enable the audience to participate in the displayed virtual scene.

When the human body or object contacts the surface of the LED floor tile screen,

the display content of the LED floor tile screen will change accordingly.

(for example, a lake scene is played on the LED tile screen,

and there are fish swimming in the lake.

When an object contacts the position of the fish on the LED tile screen,

there will be water waves on the lake at the corresponding place,

and the fish in the picture will leave quickly.)

the led tile screen combines the intelligent interactive system

nd interactive materials to present the real scene in a virtual way,

So as to achieve the effect of human-computer interaction.

 Intelligent Interactive  LED Floor Tile Screen

How To Install LED Floor Display

                                                                                                       Recessed Installation for Outdoor                                                                                                          

 Intelligent Interactive  LED Floor Tile Screen  

  Flat Installation

 Intelligent Interactive  LED Floor Tile Screen


 Intelligent Interactive  LED Floor Tile Screen

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