Yose super protection 1.875 launched HD immersive solution 2019-11-15

Recently, yose released a super high-definition LED display screen, which can be installed on the wall and on the ground, and won the favor of customers. Its models can be P3, p2.5, p1.875, p1.667, p.1587, etc., which completely solved the technical weakness of LED, such as no collision and anti-collision.

Its process adopts high-quality epoxy resin, which covers the weakness of LED lamp bead and PCB solder joint with epoxy again. It does not affect the LED front light, but also protects the LED lamp beads. For example, in the LED rental market, the LED lamp beads will inevitably collide in the later maintenance in the process of transportation and disassembly, and the superior electronic super protection technology effectively solves the pain in the rental market.

Super protective performance: anti-collision, anti-collision, front waterproof, dust-proof, anti-static, anti-oxidation, anti blue radiation, anti UV, high penetration display, ultra wide viewing angle of nearly 180 ℃, the surface adopts matte technology, the surface does not reflect light, and the picture playback is the same as the mirror.

Especially in the current popular immersive LED display scheme, the LED display on the wall and the LED display on the ground are unified to make the screen display closer to the nature. The p1.875led display of superior electronic protection can be applied to the ground or the wall. In the 4D display effect, it can use the same model for the wall, the ground, the side and the dome to make and match the screen for the later effect Connect, three-dimensional display are very good to solve the sensory effect of the screen, so that tourists and audience are in the scene

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