yose electronics teaches you how to create an immersive experience hall with LED screen 2020-03-08
The immersive experience is to provide participants with a completely immersive experience, so that users have a feeling of being in the virtual world.

The helmet display is used to close the user's vision and hearing to generate virtual vision. At the same time, it uses data gloves to close the user's hand feeling channel and generate a virtual touch.

The system uses a voice recognizer to allow participants to issue operating commands to the system host. At the same time, the head, hands, and eyes have corresponding head trackers, hand trackers, and eye gaze trackers to make the system reach the maximum Possible real-time.

The immersive system is an ideal model for real environment replacement. It has a virtual environment with the latest interactive means. Common immersive systems are: systems based on head-mounted displays, and projection virtual reality systems.
An immersive system is a combination of high-resolution stereo projection technology, three-dimensional computer graphics technology, and audio technology to produce a completely immersive virtual environment. In this system, any object in the 3D environment can feel the operation of the participants and implement corresponding changes.

Observers wear liquid crystal stereo glasses and a six-degree-of-freedom head tracking device in order to feedback the observer's viewpoint position to the computer system in real time and experience the immersive feeling. When the observer walks in CAVE, the system automatically calculates the correct stereoscopic perspective image of each projection plane. At the same time, the observer holds a sensor called Wand and interacts with the virtual environment.

Requirement 1: Three sides or four sides form the front, side, and ground (top surface if possible). The picture is made with stereo 3D animation to form a strong picture quality.
Requirement 2: The same type of LED screen can be used to achieve wall-to-ground picture splicing without layer misalignment.
Requirement 3: Picture stitching requires a large video processor or picture stitcher, which can achieve four- or five-sided picture stitching so that the picture and picture do not appear to be broken.
Requirement 4: The brightness of the LED screen cannot be too high. The main immersion is to let the first visual immersion in the picture, make people feel that I walk into a real world, too high brightness will make people tired or tired for a long time Eye damage.

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