Yose electronic p.1875led display applied to South Africa TV News Studio 2019-12-03

P1.875 LED screen is a relatively new LED screen of yose electronic display technology Co., Ltd. at present, it adopts SMD + SLF integrated (integrated three in one) package, no high temperature reflow soldering, natural health, higher reliability; truly realize seamless splicing, unlimited splicing of any size; apply point by point consistency correction technology to ensure the uniformity and consistency of color and brightness of the display screen; apply refresh rate multiplication technology With technology, the refresh frequency is up to 3000hz, which can solve the problem of scanning line of screen camera; with die-casting aluminum box, it is lighter, thinner, and more space saving; with 175 degrees of ultra wide viewing angle in horizontal and vertical directions, high-quality display effect can be seen from all angles; with ultra-high protection level, it is waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-static, anti-oxidation, and the front protection level is up to IP54, which can be directly cleaned with wet cloth; Super long life up to 100000 hours.

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