What Is LED Intelligent Interactive Floor Tile Screen 2021-03-31

What Is LED Intelligent Interactive Floor Tile Screen

Induction method

The current market's induction is mainly divided into two categories: physical induction and chemical induction. The sensing methods include infrared camera sensing, radar wave sensing, laser sensing, infrared light sensing, pressure sensing, optical sensing, odor concentration sensing, temperature sensing, etc.


Smart sensor: why is it called smart? Intelligence is the sum of intelligence and ability, and "intelligence" encompasses intelligence and ability. It is a new technological science that studies and develops theories, methods, technologies and application systems used to simulate, extend and expand human intelligence. The basic theories, methods, and techniques of using computer software and hardware to simulate certain intelligent behaviors of human beings. Some thought processes and intelligent behaviors that simulate people are called intelligence. For example: LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen uses computer software, interactive software, LED display technology and advanced sensing technology to combine interactive materials to show the real scene through virtual scenes, achieving the purpose of human-computer interaction, so it is called LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen

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