What Is LED Floor Tile Screen 2019-07-01

LED display Screen can display information such as video images like a floor?

Generally used for stage, T-stage, exhibition stand, bar, night scene, broadcast hall and other decorations.

With the further expansion of the LED full-color display application market, floor tiles such as (meeting rooms, multimedia classrooms, stage performances, exhibition events, etc.) also have a wide range of needs. The huge effect of LED floor tiles in the stage performance has been applied. The best of the live broadcast, highlights, slow-motion playback, close-ups, the creation of special backgrounds, etc.,

To bring the artistic conception to the extreme, the realistic picture and the shocking music perfectly combined to create a magnificent, extremely A modern scene; a large, clear live broadcast of the game, giving an immersive audio-visual feast, the outdoor LED floor tile screen is a novel digital display device specially designed for the use environment of the indoor exhibition hall stage party. Flexible modular design for flooring, ceiling, and T-stage applications. At present, domestic LED floor tiles screens can achieve similar results by pre-designing video. However, the exhibition activities are often full of uncertainties. Special staff are required to be responsible for video playback and adjustment, which not only requires a lot of resources, but also requires more resources. Unable to achieve timely and accurate, interactive brick screen can solve this problem in a targeted manner

In this way, our company designed a 1.875, 2.604, 2.96, 3.91, 4.81/5.2, 6.25, full-color outdoor led floor tile screen, LED floor tile screen uses interactive display technology to sense the human body action with infrared rays and accurately capture the LED in the floor tiles. The display moving object changes the stage effect graphic so that it is as immersive as it is. The imaging range increases the display range according to different scenes and different requirements. It also has radar sensing technology. It is based on the Puller effect and uses the most The advanced planar antenna technology, the most important one can effectively suppress some interferences of high-level harmonics and other clutter, the sensitivity is very high, the reliability is very strong, and the safety is smart and energy-saving. At the same time adopt modular structure design, realize seamless splicing, simple installation and debugging; use high-strength wear-resistant anti-skid fabric, can directly step on the pedal; close-fitting sealed heat dissipation structure, IP65 protection grade, unique spot atomization treatment, thoroughly Eliminate moiré phenomenon; 16-bit grayscale processing, brightness up to 3500cd/m2, clear and realistic picture, becoming the first enterprise to realize the LED floor tile display industry.

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