What are the characteristics and advantages of LED flexible modules 2020-06-04

What are the characteristics and advantages of LED flexible modules

The shape of the led large screen is ever-changing, and its creativity is getting higher and higher. Many curved display screens are spliced by flexible modules. So, what are the characteristics and advantages of LED flexible modules?

Under more and more demanding market requirements, LED special-shaped display screens pay more attention to structural breakthroughs, and are more inclined to customers with special requirements and various occasions. But for a long time before, LED special-shaped screens were assembled or wrapped by traditional rectangular plane modules. The most common LED special-shaped screens are large-arc curved screens and flat circular screens. In the case where the display screen has a small curvature and the display form is more complicated, the stitching and flatness cannot be solved well, causing problems such as inconsistent display and mosaic on the display screen, which makes the overall effect of the display screen poor. In response to this problem, Yosedisplay Technology has specially developed LED soft modules (LED flexible modules) specifically for LED display projects. Many advantages are beyond the reach of ordinary curved display screens.

The connection surface of the flexible module LED shaped screen is different from the traditional display screen. The traditional PCB board is made of glass fiber material, and the flexible module is equipped with a high-strength strong magnetic core magnetic core connection device, which is made of flexible insulating substrate FPC circuit boards, masks and bottom shells are made of high temperature resistant and bending resistant silicone materials, which have high-strength resistance to compression and torsion, and can perfectly solve the problems of difficult installation of various "bending corners, corners and corners".

Most of the installation methods are based on magnetic column suction, and the installation method of "one-piece-ready" is adopted, that is, the shape is customized according to customer needs, and then it can be directly adsorbed to achieve one-step installation. The installation method of the magnetic attraction is as simple as the conventional indoor screen installation method, and the connecting lines of the cabinet are connected by a quick butt joint, which is firm and reliable, and saves you the "famine force".

It has good ductility and can be shaped arbitrarily. Among them, the cylindrical screen has high brush performance, and can be hung, seated, hung, etc., which can best match the requirements of the current sound. And it can ensure the high requirements of various cylindrical display projects. It adopts advanced digital video processing, technology distributed scanning, 360-degree high-definition display, modular design, constant current static drive, high-color and true color output, and the picture is clear and without jitter; also It can realize multi-screen soft module. By connecting to the main control computer, there are three large ring-shaped LED display screens on the appearance of the cylinder. The screen can be played synchronously. No matter standing at any angle of the display, you can enjoy the three same and lifelike The picture not only expands the visible range of the product, its high compatibility integrates other video equipment, and it is indeed a leader in multimedia products.

High quality, it can achieve single point maintenance

low maintenance cost

high brightness

low dead light rate

energy saving

power saving

seamless splicing

It can control the splicing error between modules within plus or minus 0.1mm, according to user's The demand is made into any shape

flatness is good, the silicone is used, the hand feels soft and the fingers are not protruding

real-time broadcast is supported

the DVI, HDMI, 3G/HD/SD three-speed SDI high-definition display mode is suitable for TV recording programs, VCD or Indoor locations such as DVD and on-site live; circuit boards are stable.

The circuit board uses wave soldering technology and has a green oil oxygen barrier to prevent moisture and oxidation of the circuit and improve service life.

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