Touch LED table screen

Multi-point function: Supports zooming, zooming, rotating, moving and other multimedia content such as 3D models, pictures, videos, songs, etc., and can increase operation functions according to customer requirements.

Products Description

product features:

1. TV function: It has 1080P full HD LCD liquid crystal display screen (can be applied to families, units, enterprises...)

2, computer function: can sit 5, 10, 20, 30 meters outside the Internet, you can use wireless keyboard and mouse, wireless Internet access, and equipped with a wireless tablet. (Applicable to families, units, factories, companies)

3, touch function: equipped with the world's most advanced sixth-generation new infrared touch screen - smooth touch experience!

4, karaoke function: has KTV singing function, that is, point to sing, entertainment is convenient. (for family or unit gatherings)

5, free video phone function: you can access fiber-optic broadband for video phone calls, no matter domestic or foreign, provinces and provinces, local and foreign, no expensive telephone charges. (Applicable to families, businesses, public places)

6, video game function: can be a video game, can be connected to the handle, steering wheel, rocker, dance mat, for racing, shooting, landlords, World of Warcraft, Fantasy Westward Journey, the Three Kingdoms and other electronic games. (Applicable to families, games and entertainment venues)

7, conference function: can do conference speech, planning solution explanation, remote video conference, electronic document plug and play, no need for projectors, projection screens, computers, slide show, DVD players and other redundant equipment.

8, environmental protection whiteboard function: just write, casually draw, no pen wipe, and environmental protection. It can be written by hand with a pen, can be deleted casually, and can also be stored and recorded. (Applicable to schools, training institutions, hotel conference rooms, government agencies, or corporate internal training, insurance companies, securities companies...)

8, projector function: "touch the horizon" large screen can replace the projector, play large screen display files, and the image is more clear. (Applicable to hotel conference rooms, government agencies, or company factory meetings, schools, training institutions, insurance companies, securities companies...)

9. Guide purchase function: It has the function of shopping guide and guide, giving customers guidance, facilitating customers to find the products they need, and with additional functions such as advertising (applicable to supermarkets, hospitals, libraries, hotels, exhibition halls). , wholesale mall, etc.)

10. Electronic inquiry function: Through the input and editing of various electronic documents and information by the operator, the customer can self-check the required information and reduce the personnel cost of the inquiry. (Applicable to public places such as telecommunications, libraries, hospitals, etc.)

11. Video monitoring function: It can adjust the live video of each area and analyze the data in the security monitoring of the monitoring area. (Applicable to school examination room monitoring, security monitoring, ** monitoring, etc.)

12, picture-in-picture function: you can watch TV news while watching the series, the Internet and TV synchronization, the game and karaoke synchronization. (Applicable to families, leisure clubs...)

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