The advantages of P3.91 intelligent interactive LED floor tile screen developed by our company: 2019-08-02

1) P3.91 interactive LED floor tile features: LED floor tile display area is not affected by interaction requirements, display area can be arbitrarily increased and reduced; LED tile interactive effect is not subject to stitching shape, size, position constraints Complete the interactive effect. According to the principle of human body induction, the screen body can present an instant picture effect according to the activity of the human body (touching, stepping on), so that the actor can walk, the water ripples in the lotus pond under the feet, the fish swimming or running away, and the flowers on the grass. Open and other effects.

2) Functional advantages: LED floor tiles display the "interactive" and "regular display" switching functions without the need for peripheral devices. The interactive response speed is 0.5m, and the sensitivity value is adjustable; support multiple points simultaneous response, theoretically no simultaneous interaction point limit.

3) Software advantage: The interactive system supports multi-point simultaneous response mechanism, and there is no need for interactive calibration on site, that is, ready to use, complete the boot interactive self-start function. The construction is quick and the software debugging is quick and easy. No third-party software or other software copyright restrictions, broadcast control.

4) Advantages of equipment: The interactive system of LED floor tiles does not need peripheral equipment (camera projection, radar, infrared information collection, etc.), and is not subject to installation environment and space limitation. The screen body has its own sensing device. The function of interactive information collection and single video playback is completed through software setting, and no other hardware devices are added.

P3.91 interactive LED floor tile product technical parameters:

1) Physical point spacing (Pixels Pitch) 3.91mm

2) Control mode (Control Mode) Synchronous control

3) Module size (module size) 250mm × 250mm

4) Module resolution (Resolution) 64*64 Dots

5) Cabinet Size 500mm×500mm

6) Drive Mode (Drive Mode) 1/16S

7) Physical density (Pixel Density) 65536Dots/m2

8) Refresh rate ≥ 1920Hz-39840Hz

9) Light point color (Color) 1R1G1B

10) System Operating Platforms WIN7, WINXP, WIN2000, etc.

11) Video Communication (RGB), RGBHV, COMPOSTION, etc.

12) The Best View Distance 4m

13) Control system adopts (Control System) graphics card + main control card + fiber transmission

14) Brightness ≥2000cd/m2

15) No fault time (MTBF) ≥ 10000 hours

16) The Best View Angle Horizontal 140° / Vertical 130°

17) Life (100 hours)

18) Max Power Consumption ≤800W/m2

19) Failed Rate <0.0001

Compared with the traditional floor tiles, only the predetermined images can be displayed. In contrast, the smart interactive tiles can display corresponding changes to the LED screen according to the movement trajectory of the person or object on the surface of the floor tile screen to achieve an interactive effect. Intelligent interactive floor tiles have greatly increased the enjoyability and entertainment of the tile screen.

From a technical point of view, the intelligent interactive floor tile display system is based on the traditional floor tile system to add "sensing subsystem", "sensing information collection subsystem", "sensing information processing subsystem", "video processing subsystem" "form.

1) The “sensing subsystem” is located on the surface of the LED light board and is mainly composed of sensors. The density of the sensor arrangement can be adjusted as needed to meet the sensing accuracy requirements of different applications.

2) The “sensing information collection subsystem” is set inside the interactive sub-control, collecting the sensing information generated by the sensing subsystem, and pre-processing;

3) The “Sensing Information Processing Subsystem” is located inside the interactive main control and is responsible for protocol processing of the data that has been preprocessed by the interactive sub-control;

4) "Video Processing Subsystem" is located on the computer side (higher hardware performance requirements), responsible for processing video and pictures in real time according to the information generated by the interactive master control, generating interactive effects, and then feeding back the image data to the master control. Send, performance on the LED screen.

P3.91 interactive LED floor tile features:

1) The indoor and outdoor LED floor tiles screen independently developed by the company has obtained a number of patent certificates;

2) The box design is advanced and reasonable, moisture-proof, anti-slip (the actor can jump on it at will, does not slip), strong shock resistance, stable display effect, convenient installation and maintenance, can be directly installed, a single box can fine-tune the cabinet The difference in height between the two, without any tools to assist faster and smoother;

3) High load-bearing performance: professional iron box material structure design, lighter weight, stronger structure, the car can be directly crushed, the single force point bearing capacity of about 3 tons, there are test reports available;

4) High maintenance performance: the cabinet in the screen can be removed, and the cabinet maintenance can be directly raised from the front side, and it can be easily handled;

5) All-weather work: vivid color, high refresh rate, anti-static, dustproof, good heat dissipation and high cost performance;

6) Excellent heat dissipation performance: professional heat dissipation channel design, rapid heat dissipation, no worry about video playback;

7) Using the program editing and playback software, you can edit, add, delete and modify text, graphics, images and other information through the mouse. The arranged content is stored in the control card, and the information is automatically displayed cyclically according to the program list;

8) Strong brightness: the display content is clearly visible within the visible distance;

9) Good viewing angle: there is a large viewing angle in both horizontal and vertical, which is suitable for environments with wide horizontal distribution and large height difference;

10) Good effect: using nonlinear point-by-point correction technology, the text is clearer and the layering is stronger;

11) Strong reliability: using distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, reliability and stability are higher;

12) Display mode diversification: support multiple display modes;

13) Convenient operation: When the computer editing content is sent to the system control card, the edited content can be displayed, and the system operation is very convenient;

14) The floor tile screen mask is made of high-density alkaline PC material, and the surface is treated by sanding technology to better prevent slipping, anti-blunt, anti-scratch, anti-UV, etc.; high-precision, grid rib design makes the floor tile The screen load capacity reaches 3 tons per square meter;

15) Independently developed interactive sensing system, multi-point interaction, sensing sensitivity of 0.5 seconds, to achieve the human-computer interaction function of the floor tile screen;

16) Scope of application: P3.91 interactive LED floor tile screen has been widely used in bar stage, banquet hall, car exhibition, high-end hotel decoration, open-air colorful ice rink, hotel, cinema, stadium, stadium, TV station and other occasions.

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