Shenzhen Led Display Manufacturers Discuss About Small Pitch LED Display 2019-06-05

Shenzhen Led Display Manufacturers Discuss About Small Pitch LED Display

Under normal circumstances, people understand the small spacing is the LED display with a dot spacing of less than 2.5mm.

At present, the small-pitch LED display on the market has been widely used in various indoor places because of its large enough area and seamless splicing. It has gradually replaced DLP and LCD.


1. Market status of small pitch LED display

According to the latest data from the Higher Industrial Research Institute, in 2015, the market size of China's small-pitch LED display was 1.55 billion yuan, and the market penetration rate was 21.7%. By 2020, the market size of small-pitch LED is expected to reach 4.65 billion yuan, compared with 2015. The growth rate is 2 times, and the penetration rate will reach 36.1%.


2. the development of small-pitch LED display

In 2012, P2.5's LED display entered the market and opened a small pitch era; in 2013, new products such as P2.0, P1.8, P1.5, P1.4, and P1.2 emerged in an endless stream, and records continued to refresh; In 2014, products with smaller pitches such as P1.0 and P0.8 were also put into the market; in 2015, the small-pitch LED display technology has been developed rapidly, the minimum spacing has reached 0.7mm, and the dot pitch is 0.9. The small pitch LED display products of mm have been mass-produced. From a technical point of view, the small-pitch LED display technology has been able to fully meet the needs of market applications, and has even been ahead of market application requirements.


3. the application area of small-pitch LED display

Due to the advantages of no-stitching, good display effect and long service life, small-pitch LEDs have been applied in studios, conference centers, museum cultural relics, airports, enterprises and high-end commercial establishments.

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