After Sales Service

YoSeDisplay will provide users with technical support and after-sales service, and provide a full set of comments and technical advice on the technical parameters, specifications, equipment configuration, function settings, environmental factors and other aspects of the product. Ensure that the provided software and hardware can run safely, stably and efficiently during operation, thus ensuring the normal operation of the user's business.

1. Provide telephone hotline and e-mail free support

If the user's maintenance personnel have any problems in maintenance or operation, they can call our after-sales service department to consult the technicians. Service hotline time 8 hours / day, 8:30 am, 5:30 pm, 6 days / week, Monday to Saturday.

Company after-sales service contact telephone In any case, the user may contact our company through the technical support email address of our engineering service department for 24 hours. When we receive the mail, we will answer the user's question in the shortest time and try to solve the problem. Related questions.

2. Provide free remote assistance service

If the technical problems reported by the customer are not resolved in real time on the phone or in the email address, our company will provide remote assistance to the network or dispatch engineering personnel to the project site according to the actual situation.

3. Provide product lifetime maintenance service

During the warranty period, we are responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of all equipment specified in the contract, and any replacement or repair of any equipment or components caused by product design, installation process, materials, product quality and components.

After the warranty period, our engineering staff conducted a one-time overall test and adjustment of the large screen. After the warranty period, our company can provide users with the same grade spare parts for emergency fault replacement and possible fault maintenance during the large-screen operation to ensure the stable operation of the system. Only the cost is charged for the replacement spare parts.

If there is a fault in the module, power supply, control system, etc., the user can also directly return it to our company for repair. Our technicians will return to the user in time after repairing. If there is any situation that cannot be repaired, the user can provide the same grade accessory. Only the cost is charged.

4.Free upgrade

Our company will provide free lifetime software upgrades for users' devices, and provide users with the latest version control software in a timely manner.

5. Other terms

Maintenance services are only valid for the equipment originally supplied and the location and users where the equipment was originally installed. If the equipment is reinstalled at another location, or if the user transfers ownership of the screen equipment provided by the contract, the user must notify us in writing to re-evaluate the service. Otherwise, the relevant maintenance service will be invalid.

6. Long-term supply of spare parts, spare parts and special tools

Within the terms of service, our company will reserve a sufficient number of dies with the same display module and the same production batch components to ensure the quality of after-sales maintenance to ensure that the purchaser will not delay the system operation due to lack of parts; in special cases, it can provide similar Model equipment is temporarily used to ensure the smooth maintenance of this project.

7. Matters needing attention

The service does not cover all faults or damages caused by negligence, accidents, natural disasters, failure to follow instructions, misuse, failure to comply with the instructions, and does not include self-retrofitted products and missing parts.

Any damage caused by repairs, alterations or unauthorized changes to the system by a person not authorized by the company is not covered by this warranty. If the user removes any masks, LED lights, etc., which may cause safety risks or malfunctions, this product will not be covered by the warranty.

Our company does not bear any legal responsibility or compensation for property damage, casualties caused by natural disasters, improper operation, etc.

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