Professional LED Display Manufacturers Analyze Stadium LED Display 2019-08-19

Professional LED Display Manufacturers Analyze Stadium LED Display

Due to the special environment of the stadium, the LED display is different in use and manufacture from other displays. The stadium LED display products are designed for all kinds of open-air large sports fields and competition fields to meet the installation requirements of fences, hoisting and stacking. Not only does it need to display the timing and scoring of the game items in real time, but also to achieve a clear display effect, enabling high-definition broadcast.

Professional LED display manufacturers analyze stadium LED display

First, the classification of LED display in stadiums

1.LED fence screen

The LED display that surrounds the football field is a fence screen, which is mainly used to play commercial advertisements, and can also play back the wonderful shots on the field. The LED fence screen is made up of multiple cabinet screens. The weight and connection of each cabinet are precisely designed to ensure the quickness of disassembly and assembly. Generally, a soft mask will be installed on the cabinet. Effectively prevent players from hurting due to falling.

2. Full color LED large screen

It is more common in the NBA arena, used to play exciting game pictures on the game site, and replay the replay in slow motion, so that the audience does not miss any wonderful pictures.

3. Timing score LED display

The game is generally determined by the score. The timing score LED display carries the responsibility of calculating the game score. It is connected with the game's timing and scoring system, and the player's game scores and related materials are played. In terms of time, the chronograph scoring LED display is more important. Some games can have no large screen video, but there is no LED display for timing scoring. The key to the timing of the LED display, the key is accurate and clear, and on this basis, try to be vivid and more expressive.

Second, the stadium LED display use precautions

1. Installation location and screen brightness requirements

The installation position of the stadium LED display screen needs to ensure that more than 95% of the audience in the stadium has a fixed seat, and the viewing distance and wide vision are wide. At the same time, the LED display content is required to enable the athletes, coaches and referees on the game site to see clearly and easily. Different stadiums also choose LED displays with different brightness depending on the light.

2. LED display security requirements

The stadium has a large flow of people, both to ensure the safety of athletes and to ensure the safety of the audience. The LED display of the stadium should have smoke, lightning protection, automatic fire alarm and automatic screen off function. The power distribution cabinet should have overload protection function, leakage protection function and step-by-step power-on function.

3. Display content can be controlled in real time

The LED display of the stadium requires a real-time display of the rolling timing of the game; it can display the results of the rolling competition; the page can be displayed to display the results; the displayed text can be switched automatically and manually. For full-color LED display with graphic and video display functions, text and pictures, animations, and live broadcast images should be automatically and manually switched between each other.

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