P4 LED round screen Led screen hire

Round LED module, 360° viewing angle, all-round display. Stylish design and seamless assembly make your ads more attractive. The round led module can be customized. Look different

Products Description

P4 LED round screen Led screen hire

Model Indoor P 4 Round LED Module

Pixel pitch 4 mm

Pixel density 62500 dots/m2

Module resolution (dot) (width) 256 x (height) 256

Module size 256 mm diameter circle

Module weight about 250 g

Drive mode 16-bit constant current drive

Scanning method 1/16

Working voltage DC5V±10%

Brightness ≥1000 cd/m2

Color temperature 9000±500 K

Angle of view ≦140°

Optimum line of sight ≥4 m

Refresh rate ≥960 Hz

Brightness adjustment range 0 to 255 adjustable

Working life 100,000 hours

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