P3.91 LED Transparent Screen High transparency display screen

Transparent screen unit module can be hoisted and overlapped, and can be spliced into large areas according to the size of the installation position.
High transparency; 60%-80% transparency, little impact on the lighting of buildings
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Products Description

1. LED Composition

(1) Structure Diagram

Structure Specification: 1R1G1B/Pixel   SMD1921

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Analyse Contents

1 Color Blending In order to achieve the best white balance performance, color blending has the strict requirements on led brightness. And the R:G:B ratio is 3:6:1

2. Screen Specification


Technology Index Parameters

  1, Single Cabinet

1) Pixel: 3.91-7.82mm

2)Density: 32768dot/m2  

3)  LED Composition: 1R1G1B

4)  Color: Pure Red + Pure Green + Pure Blue 

2, Whole Screen 4, Best Viewing Distance: 5-250m

5, Best Viewing Angle: horizontal:120. Vertical: 120

6, Environment Temperature: Storage:-40℃ ~+85℃,Working:  -40℃ ~ +60℃  

7 Humidity: 10%~95%

8, Screen Depth: t8cm

3, Power 1)Working Voltage: 100-220v

2)Average Consumption: 100W/m2

3)Max Consumption: ≤300W/m2


4, Control System 1) Control Computer: Lenovo

2)Operation System: WIN 98/ 2000/ NT/XP

3)Control Way: synchronization

4)Display Card: DVI display card

5,MainTechnology Specification 1)  Driver IC:MBI5124/ICN2038

2)Driver Way: Static, 1/16scan

4)Refresh Rate: ≥1920HZ

5) Gray/Color: red/green/blue65536 levels, 16.7M colors

6)Brightness: ≥2500cd/m2

7) Brightness Adjustment way: software adjust 100 levels.

8) Screen Signal: PAL/NTSC

9) Screen input/output way: 8 ways for input/ 8 ways for output

10) control system: PCTV+ DVI Display Card + Fullcolor Control System

11)  Average trouble-free time: ≥10000 hours

12) Lifetime: 10,0000 hours

1)Flatness: every pixels ≤1mm

            Every modules ≤1mm

14) Uniformity: the brightness is uniformity

6.Software LED Studio

7.Protection Technoloty Humidity Protection, Dust Protection, Rust Protection, Static-Protection, etc.

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