P2.604LED floor tile screen

P2.604LED floor tile screen adopts all-black lamp bead design to improve display contrast by the company's unique surface protection technology, reducing the color of the screen when the screen is black

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P2.604LED floor tile screen adopts all-black lamp bead design to improve display contrast by the company's unique surface protection technology, reducing the color of the screen when the screen is black

This product has high protection, anti-bumping, waterproof, dustproof, anti-UV and salt spray resistance, etc., effective way external environment and human factors cause damage to the product, greatly increasing product life

The whole box adopts aluminum as the bearing surface, and the box is designed to be 500mm*500mm or 500*1000mm. The internal heating structure effectively transmits heat, so that the product forms an overall heat dissipation to extend the service life of the product and provide system stability.

The module kit is waterproof to the highest level of IP65. The back is made of cast aluminum + waterproof apron. Even in product maintenance and cleaning, there is no fear of rainwater penetration.

The surface of the module is made of SGF technology (soft and hard), which is resistant to scratch and abrasion.

The box is made of 5cm solid aluminum, and the load can reach 2T

Indoor brightness is 1200cd/m2, outdoor is 4000cd/m2. Our human body is generally no more than 1-4 meters around the screen.

In the home theater, the brightness is too high, which will cause certain damage to the human eye. Therefore, in the VR panoramic display, the brightness of 800 is a good protection for the naked eye.

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