P2.5 hotel LED display 2019-12-03

In the weddings, company celebrations and celebrations held by the hotel, it is generally inseparable from the large LED screen, good display and visual effects, which adds a lot to the atmosphere of the live event. It is very necessary to choose a high-quality hotel LED display, and many people are not very clear about the price of hotel LED display. The following is a case of yose electronics providing indoor P2.5 LED display in the hotel conference hall for your reference.

Hotel LED display price composition includes: screen body part, peripheral equipment, steel structure and wiring, and other costs. Detailed explanation of hotel LED display price composition: 1. Screen body part LED screen price accounts for more than 70% of the total investment of the project. The screen body is composed of an LED module, a power supply, a cabinet, a cable, and a power cable. Sending and receiving cards. The sending card packs the image information and sends it to the receiving card. After the receiving card unpacks, it performs image processing. The area of the control screen body of each receiving card is fixed, which is related to the pixels. The special graphics card of the display screen, just like the computer graphics card, displays graphics images. LED player software, this is provided for free. Generally use synchronous control system.

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