P 4.81 Interactive floor screen stage led screen various forms of performance stage

P 4.81 Interactive floor screen The response speed time is usually in "seconds", which refers to the response speed of the LED floor screen to the input signal, that is, the time when the person stands on the LED interactive floor tile screen by the "foot" or "down foot" moment, The time "and the fall time" are two parts, and the response time usually mentioned is the sum of the two. At present, the mainstream professional interactive LED floor tile screen response speed reaches 0.1 m
Products Description

P 4.81 Interactive floor screen stage led screen

P 4.81 interactive LED floor tile screen is widely used as a new type of stage display equipment - hotel - bar - wedding - large concert activity theme park, LED floor tile screen with exquisite appearance, scientific design, high quality aluminum alloy, advanced electronics Ceramics and other materials for heat conduction and heat dissipation, with new digital technology as the core, micro-computer full digital processing, advanced circuit protection equipment, widely used in building, curtain wall, residential, commercial plaza, bridge, highway and other architectural lighting; humanities Landscapes, gardens, tourist attractions and other landscape decoration lighting; bars, KTV, etc., product launches, T-stage catwalks, stage performances, evening parties, concert decorations, advertising, media decoration, etc. 

Commercial  lighting LED floor tiles color screen is a The novel digital ground display device adopts video synchronous control mode to achieve high-resolution soft color display effect, and completes the perfect combination of stage virtual landscaping and performance interaction;

 It uses high-strength tempered glass mask and sturdy die-casting Aluminum alloy support device, bearing capacity up to 1 ton or more, strong impact resistance, straight It is stepped on; the modular design with quick disassembly and assembly, and the excellent protection structure can realize seamless connection and random combination. 

This product is suitable for various forms of performance stage, such as: disco stage, T-stage, concert stage and theater stage.

Radar scanning method to achieve large-size touch technology first achieved breakthrough in Germany, single-machine scanning radius of 4M, accurate contacts, can achieve full-screen touch on 8M * 4M large LED screen, or projection screen, and is suitable for Any lighting environment.

Unlike traditional touch screens, radar eyes do not rely on display systems and do not rely on media. This makes the radar eye touch system completely surpass the traditional multi-touch system mode, completely out of the traditional touch device's dependence on the touch surface. Make the user experience more comfortable and natural.

Radar eye touch touch range is huge, commonly used screen sizes are 3*4 M, 3*6 M, 3*14 M. At the same time, radar eye touch can support multi-point contacts, support multiple users to use at different locations at the same time, and can be used in large interactions. 

The radar eye device is compact and easy to install. The touch area only needs to install a 7×7×8 cm size sensor, which can be well adapted to the complex on-site installation environment. 

The radar eye configuration software is easy to use and adaptable. It can intercept the touch area arbitrarily in the profiled plane and resist light interference, which is not possible with traditional touch screens. The industry standard TUIO multi-touch communication protocol used by radar systems can be easily integrated with mainstream software systems on the market.

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