Outdoor P5 LED display 2019-12-05

The conventional P10 and P8 outdoor LED display screens on the market can only have a clear sense when viewed from a long distance, and the picture quality "grain sense" is obvious when viewed from a short distance. But with the popularity of LED display commercialization, more and more outdoor large screens enter the bustling business district, or are located on the street, or become exquisite full-color door, or stand in the center of the square, or become a dazzling shop window screen. The LED display screen is getting closer and closer to people, and the distance between near points is small enough to ensure a high-quality viewing experience

The demand for close-up viewing is increasing, which also makes the popularity of outdoor P5 LED display screen and LED display screen with smaller and clearer become an inevitable trend. Nearly 5 meters and less display effect is still perfect, HD delicate, suitable for myopia applications. In the information kiosk / newspaper kiosk, bus platform, chain luxury shop window, community information broadcast, outdoor seat ads, lamp post ads, shops, gatekeepers, gas stations and other market segments, it is favored.

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