Outdoor interactive LED floor tile screen 2019-12-06

The LED floor tile screen has added the function of sensing interaction interest, which is integrated with intelligent sensing chips and other devices. When a person steps on the floor tile screen, the sensor chip can sense the position of the person and trigger information feedback to the interactive console, and then the console will output the corresponding display effect after logic judgment. With the help of the sensor chip, you can track the foot movement and follow the footsteps Moving, presenting real-time interactive picture effect, thus realizing interactive vision, touch and hearing All the creativity and imagination in the sky can experience space of immersive dynamic interaction, abstract world, magic ocean, magic lawn, forest, dynamic ocean world, dynamic ground, and virtual beach, etc., feel the effect of aesthetics and optics, novelty, stimulation and cool lead to strong resonance of tourists' vision, sense and experience, enhance tourists' sense of substitution and initiative The sense of participation creates a high-level and all-round interactive experience for tourists, shuttling through it is like starting a unique art journey of interactive digital display magic, stepping into the floating and colorful world of light and shadow with a little tiptoe

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