Outdoor HD LED stage screen P2.604 full color large screen new technology

Resolution: 1920*1080
Grayscale: 4096
Brightness: 1200CD/m2
Distance: 2.604mm Power consumption: 300w Interface type: 24 pins; DVI-D interface; HDMI interface, screen ratio: 16/9

Products Description

Outdoor HD LED stage screen P2.604 full color large screen new technology




1. LED stage screen LED large-scale electronic display with a new mask design, so that the light emitted by the LED is almost zero reflection,

Ensure the display effect of the screen;

2. LED stage screen the unique LED light down-tilt technology, so that the viewing angle of the whole screen of the display screen is reasonably expanded, so that the effect is better when the installation is higher;

3. LED stage screen LED full color electronic screen unit module box design uses high temperature spraying technology to greatly improve the anti-rust function;

4.LED stage screen the flatness of the module mounting surface is required to be controlled at plus or minus 0.2mm, and the flatness of the whole screen is good;

5. LED stage screen the display color uniformity is super high

6. LED stage screen the circuit board uses the wave soldering process, with a green oil oxygen barrier layer, to prevent the moisture and oxidation of the line, mentioning the service life;

7. LED stage screen of the use efficiency of the screen switching power supply is greatly improved, reducing the power failure rate;

8.LED stage screen cancel the aviation head line, using the fishbone bus routing, greatly reducing the problem of poor contact;

9. LED stage screen of the front of the module is made of high-quality imported glue for filling, and the back is waterproof apron to improve the waterproof performance of the display;

10. LED stage screen with IP65 level or higher performance waterproof, dustproof;

11.LED stage screen with all-weather display, adapt to a variety of harsh outdoor environments;

12. LED stage screen high brightness, high waterproof level, high reliability

13.LED stage screen using the current popular DVI interface

14. LED stage screen equipped with a universal control system, so that the user's flexibility in the use process is greatly enhanced

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