• How to buy a right LED display
    January 6,2020.

    How to buy a right LED display

    How To Buy A Right  LED Display A video wall is only as good  as the sum of its parts. Just one component can impact overall visual performance, and it’s important to spot the red flags. With changing standards and wide range of product quality, questioning the available  solutions will ensure you make  the best choice. Mostly these types of LEDs are commonly used. Outdoor LED display Indoor LED display Outdoor rental LED display Rental LED display LED floor tile screen Interactive LED floor tile screen Outdoor LED floor tile screen Outdoor full color LED display Here are the top questions  you must ask before buying  an LED display. Do all pixels come from the same bin? Because the creation process is so complex, it’s impossible to make identical pixels. The best LED display manufacturers  sort pixels by brightness and color. This process is called binning. Using pixels within a tightly controlled bin range, we can ensure a better quality LED display. Since all pixels are unique, it’s impossible to match them exactly—but choosing from a narrow range of color and brightness allows manufacturers to achieve a more uniform picture throughout the LED screen while maximizing power efficiency. What is the fill factor of your screens? How much of the LED screen is covered by light-emitting pixels? That’s your fill factor. It’s impossible to achieve a fill factor of 100%, but this number should be high (at least 40%) to achieve the crispest and most vibrant picture. Who manufactures your driver and switch integrated circuits (ICs)? ICs are integral to the performance of your display. Without quality driver and switch ICs, the pixels in your LED display may not receive the best control. This will affect brightness and color uniformity. Over time, you can easily see the impact of low-quality ICs: the LED display could show ghosting, dim lines, and color shifts. Do you use black surface-mounted-device  (SMD) LED display packages? Throughout an LED display, each pixel is held in place by an SMD package. For the deepest levels of black and highest contrast, these packages should be constructed with a dark encapsulation material, typically an epoxy resin. Be sure to ask for black SMD LEDs. How does the display stay cool? Quality LED cabinets allow heat to escape the display, so that it can cool passively (instead of using an active fan). This decreases the overall size of the LED display, and opens more possibilities for your design and installation. It also provides noise-free operation, which is critical in many applications—especially if the viewing distance is close. Where are the serviceability points? The best designs allow for full access from the front,  so tiles can be replaced and electronics can be repaired without deconstructing your installation. Most products will also require rear access for certain components. It’s important that you understand which components can be accessed, and from which side of...
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  • Yose super protection 1.875 launched HD immersive solution
    November 15,2019.

    Yose super protection 1.875 launched HD immersive solution

    Recently, yose released a super high-definition LED display screen, which can be installed on the wall and on the ground, and won the favor of customers. Its models can be P3, p2.5, p1.875, p1.667, p.1587, etc., which completely solved the technical weakness of LED, such as no collision and anti-collision. Its process adopts high-quality epoxy resin, which covers the weakness of LED lamp bead and PCB solder joint with epoxy again. It does not affect the LED front light, but also protects the LED lamp beads. For example, in the LED rental market, the LED lamp beads will inevitably collide in the later maintenance in the process of transportation and disassembly, and the superior electronic super protection technology effectively solves the pain in the rental market. Super protective performance: anti-collision, anti-collision, front waterproof, dust-proof, anti-static, anti-oxidation, anti blue radiation, anti UV, high penetration display, ultra wide viewing angle of nearly 180 ℃, the surface adopts matte technology, the surface does not reflect light, and the picture playback is the same as the mirror. Especially in the current popular immersive LED display scheme, the LED display on the wall and the LED display on the ground are unified to make the screen display closer to the nature. The p1.875led display of superior electronic protection can be applied to the ground or the wall. In the 4D display effect, it can use the same model for the wall, the ground, the side and the dome to make and match the screen for the later effect Connect, three-dimensional display are very good to solve the sensory effect of the screen, so that tourists and audience are in the scene
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  • Five key technologies of LED display quality
    October 24,2019.

    Five key technologies of LED display quality

    LED display is composed of a row of light-emitting diodes, so the quality of led directly affects the overall quality of the display. 1. Brightness and Perspective The brightness of the display mainly depends on the luminous intensity and led density. In recent years, the new technologies of LED in substrate, epitaxy, chip and package are emerging in endlessly, especially the stability and maturity of ITO current expansion layer technology and technology, which greatly improves the luminous intensity of LED. At present, under the condition of 110 degree horizontal view angle and 50 degree vertical view angle, the luminous intensity of green LED is as high as 4000 MCD, that of red LED is 1500 MCD, and that of blue LED is 1000 MCD. When the pixel spacing is 20 mm, the brightness of the display can reach more than 10000 nit. The display can work 24 hours a day in any environment. When it comes to the perspective of display screen, there is a phenomenon worthy of our consideration: LED display screen, especially outdoor display screen, people's observation angle is basically from the bottom to the top, and in terms of the product form of existing LED display screen, half of the luminous flux disappears in the vast sky. 2. Uniformity and clarity With the development of LED display technology, uniformity has become the most important indicator to measure the quality of display. It is often said that led display "a little bit brilliant, brilliant pieces", is a kind of image metaphor of serious uneven between pixels and between modules. The professional ones are "dust effect" and "mosaic phenomenon". The main causes of the uneven phenomenon are: the inconsistency of various performance parameters of LED; the insufficient assembly accuracy of display screen in the process of production and installation; the insufficient consistency of electrical parameters of other electronic components; the nonstandard design of modules and PCB, etc. Among them, "led performance parameters are inconsistent" is the main reason. The main differences of these performance parameters include: the light intensity is not consistent, the optical axis is not consistent, the color coordinates are not consistent, the intensity distribution curve of each primary color is not consistent, and the attenuation characteristics are not consistent. At present, there are two main technical ways to solve the inconsistency of LED performance parameters in the industry: one is to further subdivide the LED specification parameters to improve the consistency of LED performance; the other is to improve the uniformity of display screen through subsequent correction. The follow-up correction also develops from the early module correction and module correction to the point by point correction today. The correction technology has developed from light intensity correction to light intensity color coordinate correction. However, we don't think the follow-up correction is omnipotent. Among them, the inc...
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  • London will create a fully immersive experience spherical building made up of LED casings
    September 20,2019.

    London will create a fully immersive experience spherical building made up of LED casings

    London will create a fully immersive experience spherical building made up of LED casings London will create a fully immersive spherical building made up of LED casings. MSG SPHERE has just submitted a planning application and will be an advanced concert venue in the future! It has countless new technologies, LED full coverage, full immersion experience, ready to open your eyes! This is London's first spherical building made up of LED casings. Programmable LED that display images, 3 D videos, advertisements, etc. on the surface of buildings. The design shows that the image will be clearly visible 150 meters away, and the led screen is curved above the audience "just ten times as large as the planetarium", which is "the largest led display on the planet." In addition to music residency, other more aggressive uses are being considered. From e-sports to "mass games" on the big screen to the immersive storytelling experience, they hope that these experiences will make them feel like virtual reality without goggles." Bringing audiences and artists to another level will create an incredible, immersive experience... whether it's an epic concert or an extraordinary performance. The audience will be immersed in a multi-sensory environment that can be as vast as the ocean or as deep as a forest. It is also suitable for activities like e-sports where viewers will be able to participate in the competition and interact with each other. It has the world's largest and highest resolution LED display; adaptive audio provides crystal clear audio for every guest; tactile flooring allows the technology behind the 'feeling' experience to transport fans to a whole new world. It was originally designed by Populous, the construction company behind Wembley Stadium, and has evolved into a more embedded structure. But the plan for MSG is not just to build the world's most advanced live entertainment venues. I hope to transform this untapped and inaccessible place into a prosperous destination that benefits the entire community. And connect the east and west sides of Stratford with new infrastructure, roads and highway improvements. Contributing to the global reputation as the leading destination for art, music and entertainment.
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  • The advantages of P3.91 intelligent interactive LED floor tile screen developed by our company:
    August 2,2019.

    The advantages of P3.91 intelligent interactive LED floor tile screen developed by our company:

    1) P3.91 interactive LED floor tile features: LED floor tile display area is not affected by interaction requirements, display area can be arbitrarily increased and reduced; LED tile interactive effect is not subject to stitching shape, size, position constraints Complete the interactive effect. According to the principle of human body induction, the screen body can present an instant picture effect according to the activity of the human body (touching, stepping on), so that the actor can walk, the water ripples in the lotus pond under the feet, the fish swimming or running away, and the flowers on the grass. Open and other effects. 2) Functional advantages: LED floor tiles display the "interactive" and "regular display" switching functions without the need for peripheral devices. The interactive response speed is 0.5m, and the sensitivity value is adjustable; support multiple points simultaneous response, theoretically no simultaneous interaction point limit. 3) Software advantage: The interactive system supports multi-point simultaneous response mechanism, and there is no need for interactive calibration on site, that is, ready to use, complete the boot interactive self-start function. The construction is quick and the software debugging is quick and easy. No third-party software or other software copyright restrictions, broadcast control. 4) Advantages of equipment: The interactive system of LED floor tiles does not need peripheral equipment (camera projection, radar, infrared information collection, etc.), and is not subject to installation environment and space limitation. The screen body has its own sensing device. The function of interactive information collection and single video playback is completed through software setting, and no other hardware devices are added. P3.91 interactive LED floor tile product technical parameters: 1) Physical point spacing (Pixels Pitch) 3.91mm 2) Control mode (Control Mode) Synchronous control 3) Module size (module size) 250mm × 250mm 4) Module resolution (Resolution) 64*64 Dots 5) Cabinet Size 500mm×500mm 6) Drive Mode (Drive Mode) 1/16S 7) Physical density (Pixel Density) 65536Dots/m2 8) Refresh rate ≥ 1920Hz-39840Hz 9) Light point color (Color) 1R1G1B 10) System Operating Platforms WIN7, WINXP, WIN2000, etc. 11) Video Communication (RGB), RGBHV, COMPOSTION, etc. 12) The Best View Distance 4m 13) Control system adopts (Control System) graphics card + main control card + fiber transmission 14) Brightness ≥2000cd/m2 15) No fault time (MTBF) ≥ 10000 hours 16) The Best View Angle Horizontal 140° / Vertical 130° 17) Life (100 hours) 18) Max Power Consumption ≤800W/m2 19) Failed Rate <0.0001 Compared with the traditional floor tiles, only the predetermined images can be displayed. In contrast, the smart interactive tiles can display corresponding changes to the LED screen according to the movement trajectory of the person or object on the surface of the floor tile screen to achieve an interactive effect. I...
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  • P 4.81 intelligent interactive LED floor tile series introduction
    July 25,2019.

    P 4.81 intelligent interactive LED floor tile series introduction

    P4.81 intelligent interactive LED floor tile screen as a custom die-cast aluminum design, light, thin, fast installation is its most important feature. The LED floor tile cabinet is light and thin, can be quickly installed, removed and transported, and is suitable for large-area rental and fixed installation applications. LED floor tile screen and synchronous control system processing, can accept DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV and other video input signals, free to play video, graphics and other programs, with real-time, synchronous, clear information Propagation mode plays a variety of information. The color is realistic and the adaptability is strong. The P4.81 interactive floor tile screen developed by our company has the following advantages: 1, ultra-light - weight is only 6kg, single can be single-handed, installation is very easy; 2, ultra-thin - the box is made of die-cast aluminum, high strength, strong toughness, high precision, not easy to deform, saving labor; 3, high precision - the size is electromechanical processing accurate to 0.1mm; 4, compatible - new structural design, to meet the requirements of lifting, stacking, to meet indoor and outdoor requirements; 5, fast - the box is connected up and down and left and right with a quick locking mechanism, 10 seconds to complete the installation of a box, high installation accuracy; 6, reliable - high strength hardness, good heat dissipation; 7. Cost - The cabinet is light in weight and requires low installation costs; the cabinet consumes less power, saves operating costs, and reduces labor costs. Advantages of die-cast aluminum: ★Ultra high-definition display effect, high-precision seamless stitching, the gap is accurate to 0.1mm ★ Ultra-high refresh rate, support for video recorder shooting, and ensure clear picture quality ★ New structural design, satisfying hoisting, stacking requirements, flexibility, and strong visual impact, leaving a deep impression ★ Easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain ★ Quick and easy assembly and disassembly system, saving loading and unloading time P4.81 intelligent induction LED floor tile product description: ● The P4.81 module is mainly composed of a red LED chip, a green LED chip and a blue LED chip, and is formed into a matrix by a pixel point, and then fixed to a plastic package; ● This floor tile screen contains a driver chip and an input buffer chip, which can be connected to the LED floor tile control system to display video, image and text information; ● Driving the red, green and blue LED driver chips through the OE signal to form 167777216 color conversions; ● This floor tile screen can be arbitrarily spliced in horizontal and vertical directions to form different sizes of floor tiles. Cell board features: ●High contrast for good display ●Ultra-high-bright LED and high-quality plastic parts ●The weight is easy to install and disassemble ●Automatically drive LEDs with uniform illumination and low power consumption ● Pixel spa...
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