London will create a fully immersive experience spherical building made up of LED casings 2019-09-20

London will create a fully immersive experience spherical building made up of LED casings

London will create a fully immersive spherical building made up of LED casings. MSG SPHERE has just submitted a planning application and will be an advanced concert venue in the future! It has countless new technologies, LED full coverage, full immersion experience, ready to open your eyes!

This is London's first spherical building made up of LED casings. Programmable LED that display images, 3 D videos, advertisements, etc. on the surface of buildings.

The design shows that the image will be clearly visible 150 meters away, and the led screen is curved above the audience "just ten times as large as the planetarium", which is "the largest led display on the planet."

In addition to music residency, other more aggressive uses are being considered. From e-sports to "mass games" on the big screen to the immersive storytelling experience, they hope that these experiences will make them feel like virtual reality without goggles."

Bringing audiences and artists to another level will create an incredible, immersive experience... whether it's an epic concert or an extraordinary performance. The audience will be immersed in a multi-sensory environment that can be as vast as the ocean or as deep as a forest.

It is also suitable for activities like e-sports where viewers will be able to participate in the competition and interact with each other.

It has the world's largest and highest resolution LED display; adaptive audio provides crystal clear audio for every guest; tactile flooring allows the technology behind the 'feeling' experience to transport fans to a whole new world.

It was originally designed by Populous, the construction company behind Wembley Stadium, and has evolved into a more embedded structure.

But the plan for MSG is not just to build the world's most advanced live entertainment venues. I hope to transform this untapped and inaccessible place into a prosperous destination that benefits the entire community. And connect the east and west sides of Stratford with new infrastructure, roads and highway improvements.

Contributing to the global reputation as the leading destination for art, music and entertainment.

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