LED touch desktop screen

LED desktop screen is a touch screen with LED lighting as the core. The maximum size of the touch control display area can be 5m*1.44m. The whole screen can be customized according to environmental requirements

Products Description

LED touch desktop screen integrates nano touch film, optimizes the splicing screen and the size is limited. Different sizes of LED display desktop can be customized according to different touch display fields.

Interactive touch sensing with 12, 20, 30, 40 multi-touch design can withstand 70 degrees Celsius high temperature can be applied to the theme restaurant, online red hotel

The system supports Android, Microsoft and other mainstream vendors

Quad-core processor, wifi, wired, multi-screen task window, hidden virtual button, time switch, support for massive Android application download and installation

Flexibility is an excellent feature of this product. He can customize the size according to the size of your environment desktop. A single desktop touch display can support 1.44 meters * 5m touch space

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