Led stair display

Stair LED display features

High load-bearing performance: with toughened glass design, it is resistant to heavy pressure and impact, and can carry up to 1.5T weight per square meter

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Stair LED display features

High load-bearing performance: with toughened glass design, it is resistant to heavy pressure and impact, and can carry up to 1.5T weight per square meter;

Use scratch resistant plastic aluminum alloy surface, and polycarbonate material, anti-corrosion;

Simple maintenance: it has the self inspection function of power supply and signal working status, which can display the power supply and signal working status of each product in real time. When the product does not display the screen, it helps to quickly determine the problem and quickly make corresponding maintenance measures;

It can be disassembled and replaced separately: when one product in the whole LED stair screen fails, it can be disassembled and replaced directly without removing other products to help you quickly solve the product emergency;

The protection level is up to IP65: dust-proof, waterproof, anti-seismic, no fear of severe rain weather, led stair screen can be used in outdoor environment at ease;

Large viewing angle design: even when the viewing angle is close to 120 degrees, the normal display picture can still be viewed, and the display picture can also be taken when the camera is shooting at a low angle;

High strength wear-resistant mask: the LED stair screen mask adopts high wear-resistant resin to ensure its high wear-resistant and scratch resistant performance, so as to avoid the influence of the mask scratch on the color brick display effect;

Aluminum alloy structure design: the main structure of LED stair screen is made of aluminum alloy, which not only brings excellent thermal conductivity, but also makes the product lighter and stronger;

Excellent heat dissipation performance: professional heat dissipation channel design ensures that the heat of LED stair screen can be quickly and effectively exported, so that the product performance is not affected by the heat;

High quality power supply, stable and reliable: select high quality power supply Kangshu power supply, further ensure the long-term stable operation of the product; with power factor correction (PFC) function, effectively reduce the impact on the power grid。

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