Led rental floor tile screen 2019-10-18

1. Led rental tile screen and led rental screen are combined together to create an immersive LED display with different visual effects and product contents from customers.

2. P3.91led rental screen is used for the wall of the project, and the box size is 500 * 500mm. P3.91led floor tile screen is used for the floor, and the box size is 500 * 1000mm. P3.91led rental screen box size of 500 * 1000mm is adopted at the side. Using high brush IC design, the refresh frequency is as high as 3840 Hz, and there is no water ripple and Moore smell in real-time video recording and playing.

The design of the whole picture is customized according to the requirements of customers, and the whole size design and pixel matching are point-to-point design. Both in video content customization and image splicing have reached a high level.

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