LED full color large screen

Video playback can display true color dynamic video images

computer graphics and text information playback function can display a variety of computer information

LED display network function

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LED Full Color Large Screen


Product Name: LED large screen, LED indoor full color, LED outdoor full color, LED monochrome, LED two-color, transparent LED.


Product specifications: non-standard size, can be customized according to needs.


Core equipment: dome display equipment, fisheye lens, multimedia control equipment, interactive system.


Application direction: large-scale exhibition halls, exhibitions, urban planning halls, science and technology museums, museums, new product launches, promotional events, stage, wedding weddings, and traditional multimedia such as office buildings, performance venues, and plazas.


LED large screen (full color) function introduction:

1. Video playback can display true color dynamic video images; high-fidelity playback of video recorders, DVD players (VCD, DVD, LD) and other video programs; LED large screen with superimposed text, animation and still images on the video screen; Editing devices enable real-time editing and playback of panoramas, close-ups, slow motions, and effects. Brightness, contrast, saturation, and chromaticity can be adjusted by software with an adjustment range of 4096. Has an image freeze function. The LED color screen has three display modes: video overlay (VGA+Video), video (Video), and VGA. With horizontal / vertical position compensation. With display synchronization.


2. computer graphics and text information playback function can display a variety of computer information, text, graphics, pictures and two, three-dimensional animation, etc.; LED color screen has a rich playback mode, display scrolling information, notifications, slogans, etc., storage data information capacity The display body can open multiple windows, display calendar, clock, insert single-line mobile text; there are a variety of Chinese fonts and fonts to choose from, LED color screen can also input English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin and Russian, and many other foreign languages; the broadcast system has multimedia software, which can flexibly input and broadcast a variety of information; the broadcast mode has left and right scrolling, scrolling up and down, pushing left and right, pushing up and down, diagonally pushing, spreading More than 20 kinds of fan type, rotation, zoom, etc. Display network data information through a network connection.


3. LED display network function, equipped with network interface, can be connected to the computer, share network resources, with standard audio signal output interface to achieve audio and video synchronization.


LED large screen (full color) structure features:


a .New material: The unit box of the LED color screen is made of special steel profiles.


b. Good rain resistance: When the steel profile is designed, four sealing structures are added. Except for one special sealing strip, the other three channels are in the form of diversion trough to prevent rainwater from entering the tank.


c. High dimensional accuracy: the geometrical and dimensional design deviation between the cabinets is only 0.02 mm. Therefore, the unit cabinets are almost the same size. After assembly, the gaps are even, and all the LED cabinets are in the same façade. Therefore, The entire screen is very flat and works well.


d. Easy installation: No matter the connection between the box and the frame or the unit box, the front and rear special steel plates are bolted. The signal connection and power connection between the cabinet and the cabinet are all connected by waterproof air plugs, and the LED indoor color screen is convenient and quick to operate and has higher stability.


e. Easy to disassemble and maintain: After the whole screen of the LED large screen (full color) is installed, if you want to remove any one of the unit cabinets, you only need to remove the special joints of the four corners of the box. The normal maintenance takes 3 minutes. Very convenient.


f. Corrosion resistance: The steel box body is corrosion resistant and can be corroded for 20 years. Increased product life.

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