LED Electronic Screen Maintenance And Maintenance Problems 2019-06-05

LED Electronic Screen Maintenance And Maintenance Problems

With the development of technology and the continuous improvement of the technology of LED electronic screen manufacturers, the service life of LED electronic screens has been greatly improved and extended, but the lack of maintenance and quality of electronic products with good quality is not acceptable. Many customers and friends do not really understand the operation and use precautions of LED electronic screen manufacturers, which ultimately leads to a shortened life of LED electronic screens. Here we will elaborate on the maintenance and repair issues during the use of the LED electronic screen.

LED electronic screen maintenance and maintenance problems

First, led electronic screen switch problem

We have to turn on the screen after booting up, and turn off the screen after shutting down. If we turn off the computer first and turn off the LED electronic screen, it will lead to the highlight of the whole screen, which will lead to the danger of burning the lamp. The burning of the lamp has serious consequences. what. We can't keep switching on and off. The time interval of the switch screen is more than five minutes. In addition, we should avoid opening the screen under the full white screen state. Therefore, the inrush current of the system is the largest, if the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation condition When it is not good, then we don't want to open the screen for a long time. If our LED electronic screen often shows the phenomenon that the power switch trips, we need to check the screen for the replacement of the power switch to ensure normal use. Check the tightness of the hook and re-reinforce or update the hanger if looseness occurs.

Second, LED electronic screen manufacturers control system partial changes, changes notice The power cord of the computer and control part is zero, and the fire cannot be reversed. It should be inserted in the original position strictly. If there are peripherals, after the connection is completed, the chassis should be tested for power.When moving the control device such as a computer, check the connection line and the control board for looseness before powering on. The position and length of the communication line and flat connection line cannot be changed at will.

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