LED Display Industry Development Trend 2019-06-05

LED Display Industry Development Trend

The LED display industry has developed rapidly and has formed a new stage of development.

It is divided into three phases:

1. LED display utility stage:

LED display has environmental protection, high brightness, high definition, high reliability and other characteristics gradually emerged, and in the previous stage, the LED display market just meets people's needs, but in the LED display The screen products are not up to the requirements, but the quality is not enough.

With the development of LED displays, LED products have now made a new breakthrough. At least the progress is improved over the previous stage. It has also developed a series of products that are completely different from traditional light source applications. The LED display will have a larger and wider development space. LED display is not only a beautification effect, its change makes it more relevant to people's work and life. Nowadays, manufacturers have to fight for the advantages of designing applications and technology research and development.

2. LED display intelligent control stage:

With the continuous development and development of LED display technology, LED as a semiconductor industry, will also catch this high-speed train, play its high controllability. From home to office buildings, from roads to tunnels, from cars to walks, from indoors to outdoors, intelligently controlled LED display systems will bring higher levels of service to humans. The LED display industry will also go from making products to designing products to providing a total solution.

3. LED display replacement acceptance stage: Because the characteristics of LED display products are mainly reflected in high light efficiency (low energy consumption), long life characteristics of this stage is the initial stage of LED display development, so in terms of price, in the customer It seems that there is a certain comparison. Of course, the customer has an acceptance process, a transition and acceptance of the customer's habits and appearance. Let customers know the characteristics of LED display products, and choose a feature that saves power and longevity. This makes it easy for customers to accept its relatively high price, especially in commercial applications, not to mention the fact that today's customers are second in price, mainly in terms of quality. Therefore, each manufacturer is now fighting for the price advantage. The display effect of the screen is higher. When the display refresh rate is insufficient, the scanning horizontal line will appear. It is necessary to improve the scanning output technology of the LED display control system so that the refresh rate of the LED display is higher than that of the general camera. , eliminate the scanning horizontal line under the camera shooting.

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