Indoor P6LED rental screen

Indoor P 6 LED rental screen application industry

The field of advertising media.

The field of entertainment culture.

The field of sports.

The field of traffic guidance

special place for LED creative screen.

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Indoor P 6 LED rental screen


 Indoor P 6 LED rental screen application industry


First, the field of advertising media.

 With its unique advantages, LED display has gradually replaced traditional billboards, three sides, light boxes, etc., and has become a new force in the advertising media industry.

Traditional advertisements can only play pictures, while LED displays combine pictures, videos, texts and sounds perfectly, and have the characteristics of high definition, high brightness, bright colors, clear subject, novel design, vivid image, simple and bright.

The main application fields of the advertising media led display are all the prosperous streets, shopping malls, square parks, building buildings, landmark buildings, station airports and so on.


 Second, the field of entertainment culture.

 The most widely used is the stage, big party and other background led big screen, it can live broadcast and wonderful playback of the scene, breaking the restrictions of the seat, so that the audience away from the stage can clearly see the performance on the stage.

Create a magnificent, highly appealing atmosphere, combined with high-quality sound effects, giving a perfect audio-visual feast. Main venues for all evening concerts, event venues, theater theaters, TV stations, high-end clubs, etc.


Third, the field of sports.

I believe that the LED display screens of the main venues of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will leave a deep impression on everyone. The role of the large screen of the stadium is to play the wonderful picture of the stadium.

Slow motion playback, display of specific shots. The main application field is all football field led fence screen, basketball hall LED funnel screen, swimming pool track and field museum LED chronograph score screen, as well as wall or column LED display of various stadiums.


Fourth, the field of traffic guidance.

Traffic-induced LED displays will be built at the intersection of the bustling streets or on both sides of the highway.

These displays are generally controlled by the control center, combined with other road condition monitoring devices, automatically display road conditions or congestion information according to road conditions, and provide reference for travellers to choose the best route.


Five, special place for LED creative screen. 

Basically, every city has museums, science museums and other places.

And it has a close connection with high-tech LED display. At present, LED creative screen application field all museum LED spherical screen, Science Museum LED spiral and LED Rubik's Cube, Children's Palace LED creative screen,

Space City LED drum screen, as well as art galleries, art galleries, experience halls and other places.

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