Indoor p3 led full color display 2019-12-05
Indoor p3 led full color display high brush products have the following five advantages:
1. Eliminate drag phenomenon
2. Eliminate the caterpillar phenomenon caused by LED leakage and short circuit
3. No reverse bias voltage impact on the service life of LED
4. Super high refresh rate
5. High Performance PCB design, no crosstalk, good low gray effect.

"From concave convex mask to hot riveting kit, from outdoor new products to indoor P3 full-color high brush displays, every achievement condenses the efforts and glory of yose people! As the leading brand in the industry, yose always takes the responsibility of promoting the continuous upgrading and improvement of industry products, promoting the upgrading and transformation of industry technology level, and promoting the development and prosperity of more entrepreneurs through scientific research team We will continue to strengthen our own construction in terms of training, introduction of international cutting-edge equipment, improvement of production process and improvement of quality control mechanism. In the future, yose Electronics will further improve its R & D strength and innovation ability, gather more scientific and technological talents, and strive to build the industry standard of yose product globalization! "Wu Quan'an finally mentioned.

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