How to achieve high protection for LED display 2020-03-23
For the general indoor LED display screen, the product is delivered in the state of zero failure, but after a period of use, there will be the phenomenon of broken lights and lights, and also because of the inadvertent collision of the people; In the field environment of installation, sometimes unforeseen or unsatisfactory scene will occur, for example, the temperature difference effect of direct blowing of air conditioner tuyere in short distance will cause a large area of bad spots, or the field environment is too wet, so that the bad spot rate of screen will rise day by day.

How to solve the display screen problems caused by water vapor, dust, bump, broken light rate and other factors, as well as to improve the product quality and reduce the burden and cost of after-sales service for the indoor small spacing industry qualified for half a year's inspection, are the problems that led manufacturers want to solve at present.

Therefore, in order to effectively solve the problems mentioned, a so-called surface coating solution is produced.
This solution is based on the current indoor surface mount LED display, and the equipment can be directly combined with the existing SMT surface mount production line

The process is that after 72 hours of aging process, the surface of the lamp board is covered with film to form a so-called protective layer, which can wrap the conductive pins and isolate the influence of moisture and moisture, as shown in Figure 3.
For LED display products with general protection level of IP40 (IP65, IP65 dust-proof in the front and IP waterproof in the back), it has the advantages of effectively improving the protection level process of LED light surface, providing anti-collision effect, avoiding light falling and reducing the whole screen damage rate (PPM). At present, such solutions have met the market demand, mature production, and will not increase the overall cost burden.

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