1. Q: What is the working principle of the touch film?

Answer: The principle of touch film technology belongs to the projected capacitive screen. It is composed of two transparent films with a layer of nano-wires interlaced by X and Y axes. Each matrix forms a sensing unit. Sensing the touch of a human hand. The touch signal is transmitted to the circuit control board connected to the touch film, and the control board transmits the signal to the computer, and the computer automatically calculates the touch position to form an effective touch response, thereby achieving the effect of replacing the mouse or even exceeding the mouse (multiple points). . Among all the touch methods, the nano touch film is the only new touch method that can realize curved surface, full transparency, waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-light interference, no border, and touch through glass.

2. Q: What is the requirement for the glass when the touch film is attached to the front or back of the glass?

A: The touch film is attached to the back of the glass and is touched by glass. The thickest can penetrate 25mm tempered glass. It is generally recommended to use 5-12mm for the best effect. The thinner the glass, the higher the sensitivity. Glass can not contain metal components, most of the mirror film, coated glass, dimming glass in the market have metal components, it is not recommended to use together, please consult our staff for special mirror requirements.

3. Q: What size touch film can I provide?

A: The touch film generally corresponds to the LCD screen, such as 32, 42, 46, 55 inches, etc., there are actually more than 100 different specifications such as 17-167 inch. The aspect ratio is generally 16:9 or 4:3, and the special size can be customized according to the actual situation. At present, the maximum size of 16:9 can be 100 inches (short side); the maximum size of 4:3 can be 80 inches (short side). Non-standard sizes need to be customized, up to 130 inches.

4. Q: What is the transmission method of the touch film? How far is the transmission distance?

A: The touch film uses USB transmission, the transmission rate can reach 30M at the longest. It is necessary to use the USB cable with signal amplifier. It is recommended to use Fuyunda. If you use other methods such as network cable, you can transfer 50 meters or more.

5. Q: After I purchase the touch film, what else do I need to match?

A: Touch film combined with projection use: touch film + imaging film + projector + host / Android board + glass; (image film is generally recommended to use light gray or dark gray film, holographic film imaging effect is generally too glare)

Touch film combined with LCD screen: touch film + LCD screen + host / Android board + glass

(In order to better present the effect, it is generally recommended to use professional interactive software)

6. Q: What is the life of the touch film?

A: In theory, the life expectancy can reach 9 years. Because the touch film is attached to the back of the glass, the touch is made through the glass, and unless the glass is broken, it is generally not bad.

7. Q: Is the installation of the touch film troublesome? Can I install it myself?

A: The installation of the touch film is relatively simple compared to the car foil. As long as it is not folded, it is generally fine without scratching. In particular, it should be noted that the corners, the tail and other places are relatively fragile areas. We have a dedicated installation video and an operating guide http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XODI0ODA2MjA0.html. It is generally recommended that small sizes can be posted on their own, and we assist in providing remote debugging. Large size or complicated conditions, it is recommended to choose a professional to provide installation and commissioning services, but the service is chargeable.

8. Q: How long is the supply cycle of the touch film?

A: We have the regular size, the general model can be shipped within 2 days; the spotless size can be delivered in 1-3 weeks according to the size.

9. Q: What is the after-sales service of the touch film?

A: After the customer receives the goods, the test is carried out before the film is applied. If there is a quality problem in the test, our company provides free replacement; for the installed touch film, it provides one year free warranty service; (man's cause of the touch film and Damage to the accessory accessories is not covered by the free warranty service. In addition, the touch film cannot be repaired by tearing.) Since the touch film is attached to the back of the glass and touched through the glass, the probability of occurrence of breakage is relatively small.

10. Q: How does the nano touch film compare with similar products?

Answer: 1. Infrared frame: Advantages: cheap price and good precision;

Disadvantages: 1.1, the border is not beautiful, can not be completely made flat, especially the coffee table table;

1.2 is not waterproof, such as a table can not;

1.3 afraid of light interference, outdoor can not.

1.4 Infrared frame manufacturers are too many, the price is transparent, and the profit is limited;

3. capacitive screen:

2.1 is mainly used in small size, currently concentrated below 30 inches.

2.2 Capacitive screen with glass to play together, glass can not be tempered, explosion-proof is not enough;

2.3 Capacitive screen penetration is relatively weak, only traditional glass below 4mm, and the touch film can penetrate 10mm or even thicker glass;

2.4 Capacitive screens mostly use standard driver chips, the environment adaptability is relatively poor, and the special electromagnetic environment is prone to disorder;

2.5 Capacitive screen glass is a standard size, and the actual appearance of each glass may vary in thickness.

3.camera capture: low resolution, low accuracy, when multiple people appear in the screen at the same time, the capture will be disordered and can not be onlookers.

4. optical touch: advantage: the price is cheap. Disadvantages: Poor precision and strong interference from light.

10. Q: What are the advantages of TP Nano Touch Film compared to other brands?


1. Dtouch series completely cancels the analog switch, and the noise processing capability is stronger. The MTouch series is divided into 4096, 8192, 25k and other specifications with higher precision. Most other brands are 1024/2048 and other precision; 25K products can be achieved. Bidding control

2. The first in China to achieve multi-touch, rich practical experience, product stability is extremely high;

3. the real kernel-level underlying driver, more stable;

4. Patented noise reduction processing technology, stronger anti-interference ability;

Touch film construction precautions

Projector solution: glass + touch film + imaging film + projector + control host + wire

LCD screen solution: glass + touch film + control host + chassis + wire.

Projector solution:

1. Prepare a large glass to determine the projection position. It is generally recommended to rear-projection; (the head will block the light when touched)

2. Select the size of the touch film according to the size of the glass and the size of the projector screen;

3. At the same time, choose long side or short side tail according to the site environment (this step is mainly for aesthetics and convenient routing);

4, first put the touch film, then paste the imaging film, the film process see the film video, the imaging film is generally recommended to use the gray film;

5. Connect the control board and connect the control board to the control host at the same time;

6, install the driver, debug;

LCD screen solution:

1. It is recommended to use a metal frame around the side of the glass, which is more convenient to shield the external electromagnetic interference; but the front side is preferably not a metal plate, and the touch film and the control board are farther away from the metal as possible;

Confirm the display size, touch film size and glass size of the LCD screen in advance; (display area

2. At the same time, choose the long side or the short side tail according to the site environment (according to the structure);

3. Stick the touch film, and make sure that the display area is located in the touch area ofthe touch film (within the curve range); the transparent tail portion of the touch film is generally bent to the back of the liquid crystal screen;

4. Connect and fix the control board and connect the control board to the control panel;

5. The grounding wire of the touch film USB cable is connected to the metal backplane of the LCD screen, and at the same time ensure that the casing, LCD screen and other conductive objects form an equipotential surface. The ordinary LCD TV may have painting, so the paint needs to be painted. Scrape off a layer to ensure that it can be truly grounded; (This article is very important, the multimeter can be turned on each other);

6, install the driver, debug;


1. The filming process can be bent, but can not be folded or scratched. The tail of the touch film and the FPC position are relatively fragile areas, and the tear is carefully broken;

2, the film process strictly adhere to the film video description;

3. After the touch film is pasted, the moisture will have a certain influence, and it is necessary to wait until it is completely dry before it can reach the optimal state, which usually takes 2-3 days; (Dtouch film is not subject to this limitation);

4, in order to ensure a better experience, it is recommended to use the MTouch series 42 inches and above;

Q: What is the difference between Dtouch and Mtouch?

Hereinafter referred to as the D series and the M series.

The D series uses self-capacitance technology, which can only be used as a normal single point or virtual 2 points. The advantage is that the technology is stable, the cost is relatively low, and the glass penetration is stronger; the disadvantage is that the noise processing capability (anti-interference) is poor, and the "ghost point" is prone to occur when rotating. The D series products on the market are divided into 24, 40, 56 (excluding 8 analog switches), 64 (including 8 analog switches), 128 lines and other specifications. Of course, the algorithm processing level is different, and the effects are not the same;

The M series uses mutual capacitance technology, which can do 2 to 100 points or more, and the technical difficulty is more complicated. The advantage is that the experience is very good, the anti-interference ability is stronger, the precision can be higher; the disadvantage is that it is affected by the thickness of the glass, the thinner the sensitivity is, the effect is more than 12mm. The M series products on the market can be divided into 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 25K and other specifications according to the number of sensors. Our company is mainly 4096, 8192, 25K three specifications, of which 8192 and 25K are unique in the industry, the bidding process Can be absolutely controlled. Of course, in addition to the number of sensors, the processing power of the algorithm and the level of noise processing have a great influence on the touch performance.

D and M series can be used for the projection scheme. If the LCD scheme is used, it is recommended to use the M series of 42 inches or more. The anti-interference ability is stronger and the experience is better.

Q: What is the difference between the long side and the short side?

A: The touch film is divided into a long side and a short side according to the position of the tail line. The long side appendix means that the tail comes out from the longer side, and the short side appendix isthe tail coming out from the shorter side. (It is generally recommended to combine the short-edge appendix with the liquid crystal, and combine with the projection to select the long side or the short side according to the scene environment)

Which systems does the touch film support?

1. windows: win7/win8/win8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit), another: some goast systems do not support, windows home regular version does not support multi-touch.

2. Android system:

It is strongly recommended that the Android board be configured together.

Contact: Shenzhen Zhongyun Xie QQ1046129746 Tel: 13724217447


Liunx12.04.4: Kernel 3.11.0-15-generic

What is the difference between adhesive and water?

A: Water paste = adhesive version + attached film.

However, customers are not recommended to use the adhesive film for the following reasons:

1. The material of the attached film itself has certain toxicity, which affects customs clearance;

2. The weight of the attached film is larger than that of the touch film, and the freight is increased;

3, the adhesive film film is more complicated, so increase the difficulty of customer construction, increase the probability of damage;

4, the application of the adhesive film allows the original customer to buy two films into a buy a film.

Q: What is the range of sizes we can currently do?

17-100 inch is a standard size, where the longest side can be done

Q: What is the reason why the touch does not respond?

1. The driver is not installed or blocked by anti-virus software. Can check it out

Q: What is the matter of touch and jump?

Q: If I retrieve the multi-touch film Log file?

Q: Foil

Q: What are the requirements for curved glass projection solutions?

A: Because most projectors have a size ratio of 4:3 or 16:10, and the standard ratio of the touch film is 16:9, the following problems are generally encountered when combined with projection:

1. The projector screen needs to be adjusted to change from 16:10 to 16:9, and the screen will be slightly flattened;

2. If the projector is not facing the screen, but the top is diagonally inclined or tilted upwards, the screen will be trapezoidal, and the four corners need to be corrected to the standard 16:9;

3. The curved glass screen will be further deformed.

1. The above reasons will cause the screen to be slightly deformed compared with the actual screen, so that even if the touch film is calibrated, there will be slight deviation, generally within 1 cm

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