Dynamic LED floor light

Dynamic LED tile lights have different resolutions for different models of pixels. Customers can choose the model according to the site requirements. Each model has more than 50 kinds of pattern effects built in, which can play video content and display text in various formats in real time.

Products Description

Since the LED floor tile market segment, the company has continuously innovated the production and design process of brick lamps, leading and standardizing the new standards of the LED floor lamp industry, playing an important role in improving the quality of floor tile lamps and promoting the popularization of floor tiles.

According to the development needs of the market, yosedisplay has launched different types of LED sensing floor lamp products with different shapes. Customers can choose different according to their needs

Basic specifications:

Size: 500*500mm 300*300mm 400*400mm

Number of sensing points: 4*4=16 points

Pixels: 16 points 64 points 144 points

LED lamp bead model: SMD5050 SMD

3535 SMD1921

Base material: ABS plastic ABS

Surface material: 12mm thick tempered glass

Control mode: online or offline control

Net weight: 10.5kg

Gross total: 11.5kg

Maximum power consumption: 10W

Average power consumption: 5W

Waterproof rating: IP68

Load level: 2 tons

Function, stepping on the light, and sensing the piano sound through the external speaker.

The shape can be customized, rectangular, curved, and ring can support non-standard customization.

Product size supports non-standard customization.

It can be customized for indoor and outdoor use

1. Material: stainless steel + tempered glass, glass through special process silk screen pattern.

2. Size: Support various types of size modeling non-standard customization.

3. Light effect: monochrome, colorful internal control, colorful external control, optional sensor.

4. Indoor and outdoor can be customized.

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