Do you know how the LED interactive screen works? 2019-07-12

LED interactive sensing floor tile principle, and the difference between traditional LED display? With such a problem, take a look. The LED floor tile screen is a novel digital display device specially designed for the indoor exhibition hall stage meeting environment. Sensitive modular design for flooring, ceiling, and T-stage applications. At present, domestic LED floor tiles screens can achieve similar effects through pre-designed video. However, the scenes of the show activities are often filled with uncertainty. The need for special staff to play and adjust the video, not only consumes a lot of resources, but also Unable to reach timely and accurate, interactive LED floor tiles can handle this problem in a targeted manner.

LED interactive floor tile principle

The interactive floor tile screen is on the base of the LED floor tile screen to increase the sensing interaction function. The LED floor tile display is equipped with a pressure sensor or a capacitive sensor or an infrared sensor. When the person moves on the floor tile screen, the sensor can sense the position of the person and react the trigger information to the main controller, and then the main controller logic After the discrimination, the corresponding display effect is output.

LED floor tile features

1. Fast and sensitive device: No tool direct device or rail device can be used.

2. Strong load-bearing: Aluminum alloy construction, with a load capacity of 1.5 tons per square meter.

3. Good maintenance performance: can be exchanged directly without removing the adjacent cabinet.

4. High illuminance design: technical design mask, very clear play.

5. Excellent low-light and high-gray effect, showing gray level average and good divergence.

LED floor tile screen

LED interactive floor screen advantage

1. LED interactive floor tile screen handles the traditional scene of traditional brick screen. LED interactive floor tile screen completes human screen interaction, which not only can bring visual enjoyment to users, but also imitate people to real scenes and enhance on-site interest.

2, maintenance is very convenient, long life, safe and secure, and energy saving and environmental protection.

3, the picture is clear and rich, the viewing angle is also very wide, the resolution is also very high.

4, to absorb people's eyes, and even become a wrist to promote products.

5, has the advantages of ordinary floor tiles, including anti-step, anti-collision, anti-pressure, anti-scratch and other absolute advantages. In addition, it has superior load bearing and toughness.

6, with the traditional LED floor tile screen can only play a fixed screen according to the predetermined program to cater for different performances, interactive LED floor tile screen can be based on the body sensing principle, can follow the body's activities to present an instant picture effect.

LED floor tile screen

LED floor tile application

LED interactive floor tiles are irreplaceable in air-conditioning applications such as TV stage and bar entertainment. In fact, in addition to these, LED interactive floor tiles are used in commercial wholesale, bars, intelligent teaching, stadium construction, medical and other market applications. Very suitable, loved by many industries

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