Diamond LED screen

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Product features: special-shaped LED display screen / LED electronic DJ screen / bar creative led DJ screen: LED brick screen

1. Dazzle, cool, strange, illusory

2. Led 3D DJ table is composed of LED special-shaped module splicing

3. LED pixel density of 43264 points / square is adopted for high-definition display and fine effect

4. Assembly and disassembly design, simple and fast installation 5. With German madrix software, music and effect can be synchronized.

Led brick screen LED creative display shows personalized culture, achieves urban landscape and wins unlimited business opportunities. At the same time, it also increases the prosperity of the city, improves the image and influence of the city, shapes the visual culture of the city, and enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of the city.

Led creative display uses the point, line and surface luminous display units of LED as the writing method, takes the original thought and culture as the origin, takes showing self-confidence, vision and dream as the main purpose, and relies on architecture or landscape to create aesthetic display art works, highlighting unique and harmonious visual cultural characteristics.

Refining original ideas

Conduct in-depth communication with customers, excavate the cultural connotation expressed by customers, let customers appreciate the original idea of the birth of the project with us, and fully follow the ideals and values pursued by customers and the realization of the ultimate goal.

Creative display design

Relying on a professional design team, we provide customers with a variety of solutions, unique in presentation forms and expression methods, and integrate culture and dreams into them.

Solution Determination

According to the actual needs of customers and combined with the original ideas, the team redesigns the products, including redesigning the product model, determining the product appearance, mold opening, designing structural parts, customizing the overall control scheme, etc., so as to finally determine the overall solution of the project and obtain the final confirmation of customers.

Product R & D and production

With a professional R & D and production team, relying on professional technology and modern LED display production line, we produce unique LED display products to meet customers' personalized needs and turn customers' ideas into reality.

Project implementation

The team provides customers with all-round project implementation services and turnkey projects with quality and quantity, which truly saves customers' worry and creates landmark cases one after another.

Lifelong after-sales service

During the warranty period, it is free to maintain and upgrade the application software of the system for life. It also provides "three guarantee services", which is responsible for maintaining and repairing all equipment specified in the contract, replacing and repairing any equipment or parts damaged due to product design, installation, process, materials, product quality and parts free of charge, and providing spare parts and maintenance services for life after the warranty period.

Highlight individual culture

Each creative display project will form an exclusive customized scheme, visualize the abstract ideology and culture with metaphorical exaggeration and gorgeous video effects, and carry out visual display through new media technology to fully highlight the characteristics of individual culture.

Achievement of urban landmarks

On the basis of architecture or landscape, combined with the basic elements and symbols of architecture, seek visual language, make the perfect integration of LED display elements and architecture from the perspective of art and aesthetics, further beautify and enhance, realize value sublimation and achieve urban landmarks.

Gather popularity and make money

The creative LED display project, combined with the unique architecture, is bound to attract more attention, so that the majority of people gather here and bring unlimited business opportunities.

Led masonry screen is a customized product, which is different from common products. It has a size for reference, while masonry screen is customized. It is analyzed and realized one-to-one according to different requirements of customers. For creative products, we need to communicate and coordinate in the early stage to create ideas, so as to meet the needs of customers

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