Detail Of The Stage LED Large Screen 2019-06-05

Detail Of The Stage LED Large Screen

The stage LED large screen can divide a picture into multiple video screens, the display can be independent, combined, and any combination to play the relevant large background.

The large screen can be displayed according to the performance requirements, and the overlay can be realized.

The background image is played by the video signal processor or synthesized on the same screen display, can be played on the close-up of the character, can be scrolled in the text, or inserted in the broadcast, can be horizontally moved video screen, can also be raised and lowered to become text, personalized video screen, bright The background and stage ground of the stage, the other requirements and advantages required by the owner through software design and system control, can be designed with frame structure, convenient and reliable disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance and application, and large-scale entertainment venues and large-scale event occasions.

Stage LED large screen subdivision


1. Main screen (referred to as the main screen): Generally speaking, the largest LED screen in the middle of the stage background can be called the main screen. In most cases, it is square, it can be square or long. square. Since the content displayed on the main screen is more important, its imaging effect is better, and the pixel density is also required to be larger. The main screens in the more mature stage are mainly P4, P5, and P6.


2. Secondary screen (referred to as secondary screen): The secondary screen is usually set on both sides of the main screen, which is used to set off the content of the main screen, so the content it plays is mostly abstract, such as dancing fireworks, flashing Checkered and so on. Therefore, the pixel spacing of the secondary screen will be relatively large, generally using P7.62, P8, and the like. Since many parts are using grid screens and playing content, they are also called color screens.


3. Video expansion screen: General concerts and large-scale stage performances will use relatively large venues, resulting in some places that cannot see the wonderful performances on the stage. At this time, a large screen will be placed on the side of the venue to the stage. Live broadcast on the spot, this screen can be called video expansion, and the specifications used are often similar to the main screen.


In some KTV, bars, dance halls and other places, there are also some large-scale staged large screens. These shaped LED large screens are often modified on the basis of the LED large screen according to the overall structural environment of the place. The specifications can be customized according to the actual situation, making the shape more changeable, so that the environment of the place can be improved to a new level, giving people a dreamlike feeling.

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