Desktop interactive display 2019-06-11

Interactive desktop interactive wall screen interactive display wall multimedia interactive stage, mobile desktop is a desktop self-service interactive system, is an innovative system platform, it can turn ordinary desktop into exciting buffet by applying "multi-point interactive sensing technology" Experience. . The interactive wall curtain is composed of three parts: the sensor, the control system and the display system. The participants are integrated into the dynamic image on the wall. The viewer's body movement is like a computer mouse, which controls the display content of the wall projection. The interactive effect with the wall image, the system has strong novelty and ornamental, can play an active role in the atmosphere of the exhibition hall and exhibition hall, increase the display of scientific and technological content, and improve the popularity of the exhibition site.

Desktop interactive screen features:

1. Oversized “IPAD”: Everyone usually uses ipad, which is mainly to view some images, articles, audio and video content, and the desktop interactive system is to make various graphic and video content into display content, so that participants can display the content. Machine interaction. It can enlarge, reduce, move, and click, play, pause, stop, and select the video content, and simultaneously dub some text content, making streaming media such as pictures, sounds, and videos more acceptable to visitors.

2, multi-point multi-person operation: only the desktop is large enough, long enough, the number of people who can participate at the same time can be changed from 1 person to 2 people, 3 people, until many people participate in the interaction at the same time.

3. Accurate identification and positioning: Since it is an infrared frame installed on four sides, the position of the finger is positioned by up, down, left and right, so the positioning is accurate.

4. The display content is rich and can be added and replaced at any time. After the hardware is completed, you can create different display contents according to the needs of different occasions. At the same time, the hard disk is relatively large, and the number is less than 500G. You can store a lot of content, and the content is saved every time. When needed, you can The contents of the computer need to be displayed.

Desktop interactive display application range occasions:

1. Fixed exhibition occasions such as science and technology museums, planning halls, exhibition halls, exhibition halls, exhibitions, museums, and corporate exhibition halls;

2, shopping malls, stores, bus stations, railway stations and other places with large traffic, for publicity and inquiry use;

3, hotel hotels, bars, discos, Internet cafes, KTV entertainment venues, promotional activities, stage, wedding wedding, as well as office buildings, performance venues, plazas, etc. need an active atmosphere, where everyone needs to actively participate in the activities;

4. Large-scale conferences, product launch conferences, high-level conference halls, etc., can provide participants with more information and market information

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