Creative LED flexible screen 2019-07-08

The main features of flexible LED display:

1. The installation of the flexible LED display can be any curved surface, suitable for artistic modeling;

2. Suitable for surface display such as stage background, exhibition hall, indoor conference room, etc.

3, the installation of the flexible LED display screen to do a good job on the site installation structure, using a strong magnet adsorption installation, direct adsorption, easy to install, but also easy to maintain. And the security and stability are high.

Such a characteristic makes the flexible LED screen more convenient to use the LED flexible screen in the face of irregular structures such as curved walls and cylinders, which are difficult to completely conform to the conventional LED display screen. The usual LED display, if it is to be installed in a curved wall, there are generally three methods: the box will be made into a vertical strip, spliced and installed; the box is made into a curved splicing; The unit, and the screen steel structure also needs to be made into an arc shape. These three methods are undoubtedly very troublesome in production and installation, and the LED flexible screen is more convenient than the other. In view of the above characteristics, the most common application areas of LED flexible screens are such special places, such as shopping malls, bars, stages, theaters, and so on.

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