• High definition LED display surface application case High definition LED display surface application case
    This project adopts yose high-definition p1.8led display screen, 480 * 480 die-casting aluminum arc-shaped box with buckle, the front can be displayed in multiple separate pictures, the front display is designed with curved concave shape, and the whole project arc-shaped benchmark is displayed. It adopts 4K splicing processor, and it is convenient to use in a variety of modes. The pixel points of this project are 8440 * 1600
  • Led rental floor tile screen Led rental floor tile screen
    1. Led rental tile screen and led rental screen are combined together to create an immersive LED display with different visual effects and product contents from customers. 2. P3.91led rental screen is used for the wall of the project, and the box size is 500 * 500mm. P3.91led floor tile screen is used for the floor, and the box size is 500 * 1000mm. P3.91led rental screen box size of 500 * 1000mm is adopted at the side. Using high brush IC design, the refresh frequency is as high as 3840 Hz, and there is no water ripple and Moore smell in real-time video recording and playing. The design of the whole picture is customized according to the requirements of customers, and the whole size design and pixel matching are point-to-point design. Both in video content customization and image splicing have reached a high level.
  • Dynamic LED floor ligh Dynamic LED floor ligh
  • Standard Stadium LED display design and installation requirements Standard Stadium LED display design and installation requirements
    Standard Stadium LED display design and installation requirements With the application of LED display screens in sports venues, the installation and design of stadium LED display screens has become the focus of attention of venues and manufacturers. In this regard, some professionals have summarized the installation and design requirements for the LED display of stadiums in the following aspects.   First, the safety and reliability requirements of LED display, the density of stadiums and crowds is large, and the safety performance of the venue equipment should be placed first.   Under normal circumstances, the safety performance of the LED display of the stadium should meet the requirements of 5.4 of the SJ/T11141-2003 standard, and the reliability should meet the requirements of 5.10 of the standard.   In terms of material selection, it is required to select polymer materials with good flame retardant properties (including LED module casing, LED module filling glue, PCB board, power cord sheath, etc.), and in the power supply design, the stadium LED display must be separate. Power supply and meet the requirements of 5.8 of SJ/T11141-2003 standard; cable line construction acceptance must meet the requirements of GB50168, GB50171; engineering quality should meet the requirements of GB50303.   In addition, the LED display of sports events should have smoke, lightning protection, automatic fire alarm and automatic screen off function. The power distribution cabinet should have overload protection function, leakage protection function and step-by-step power-on function.   Second, the installation position and quantity requirements of the display   The installation position of the LED display of sports events needs to ensure that more than 95% of the audience in the stadium has a fixed seat, and the viewing distance and visual width are wide. At the same time, the LED display screen is required to allow the athletes, coaches and referees at the competition site (except for the on-site scoring referee in the diving competition) to be easily and clearly seen.   Third, the maximum viewing distance and character height requirements of LED display   The brightness of the outdoor stadium full-color LED display requires 5000cd/m2 or more; the double-primary display is 4000cd/m2 or more; the monochrome is 2000cd or more. Indoor stadium full-color LED display brightness requirements of 1000cd / square meter or more; dual-primary led display 300cd / square meter or more; monochrome 120cd / square meter or more. At the same time, in terms of character height requirements, the standing display of the swimming hall and the diving hall of the building structure are at least 0.2m each character, and the character of the led display of the swimming and diving hall with the building structure is at least 0.28m.   Fourth, the optical performance requirements of LED display   The LED display screen of sports events requi...
  • Case Study of LED Display Surface Case Study of LED Display Surface
    Led rental market has achieved rapid development in recent years due to the low entry threshold, and the products are constantly innovating and showing the trend of high-definition development, with the point spacing exceeding 2.0mm. Due to the booming leasing market, professional leasing manufacturers and mainstream enterprises in the industry have launched corresponding products for the market. Nowadays, led rental screen generally has the following advantages: 1. Ultra light - the weight of a single box is about 6kg, which can be carried by a single person and installed easily. 2. Ultra thin -- the box body is made of die-casting aluminum, which has high strength, toughness, high precision, and is not easy to deform, saving labor for transportation; 3. High precision -- the dimension is accurate to about 0.1mm for mechanical and electrical machining; 4. Compatibility - new structural design, meeting the requirements of hoisting and stacking, indoor and outdoor requirements; 5. Fast -- the box is connected up, down, left and right with a fast locking mechanism, which usually can complete the installation of a box in about 10 seconds, and the installation accuracy is high; 6. Low cost - the box is light in weight and low in installation cost; the box is low in power consumption, saving operation cost and reducing labor cost. At the same time, in order to adapt to the characteristics of rapid disassembly and assembly in the rental market, led rental screen is beginning to develop towards standardization, and the products can better adapt to large-scale production. At present, the main specifications of LED rental display box are 480x480, 500x500, 500x1000, etc. According to 3 * 3, 4 * 4, 5 * 5 and 6 * 6 different box splicing methods, point-to-point splicing can be made into 2K (1920 * 1080), 4K (3840 * 2160), 8K (7680 * 4320) and other standard resolution display screens.
  • Exhibition Hall Case Exhibition Hall Case
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