• Creative LED flexible screen case Creative LED flexible screen case
  • Led spherical screen case Led spherical screen case
  • Outdoor interactive LED floor tile screen Outdoor interactive LED floor tile screen
    The LED floor tile screen has added the function of sensing interaction interest, which is integrated with intelligent sensing chips and other devices. When a person steps on the floor tile screen, the sensor chip can sense the position of the person and trigger information feedback to the interactive console, and then the console will output the corresponding display effect after logic judgment. With the help of the sensor chip, you can track the foot movement and follow the footsteps Moving, presenting real-time interactive picture effect, thus realizing interactive vision, touch and hearing All the creativity and imagination in the sky can experience space of immersive dynamic interaction, abstract world, magic ocean, magic lawn, forest, dynamic ocean world, dynamic ground, and virtual beach, etc., feel the effect of aesthetics and optics, novelty, stimulation and cool lead to strong resonance of tourists' vision, sense and experience, enhance tourists' sense of substitution and initiative The sense of participation creates a high-level and all-round interactive experience for tourists, shuttling through it is like starting a unique art journey of interactive digital display magic, stepping into the floating and colorful world of light and shadow with a little tiptoe
  • Indoor p3 led full color display Indoor p3 led full color display
    Indoor p3 led full color display high brush products have the following five advantages: 1. Eliminate drag phenomenon 2. Eliminate the caterpillar phenomenon caused by LED leakage and short circuit 3. No reverse bias voltage impact on the service life of LED 4. Super high refresh rate 5. High Performance PCB design, no crosstalk, good low gray effect. "From concave convex mask to hot riveting kit, from outdoor new products to indoor P3 full-color high brush displays, every achievement condenses the efforts and glory of yose people! As the leading brand in the industry, yose always takes the responsibility of promoting the continuous upgrading and improvement of industry products, promoting the upgrading and transformation of industry technology level, and promoting the development and prosperity of more entrepreneurs through scientific research team We will continue to strengthen our own construction in terms of training, introduction of international cutting-edge equipment, improvement of production process and improvement of quality control mechanism. In the future, yose Electronics will further improve its R & D strength and innovation ability, gather more scientific and technological talents, and strive to build the industry standard of yose product globalization! "Wu Quan'an finally mentioned.
  • Outdoor P5 LED display Outdoor P5 LED display
    The conventional P10 and P8 outdoor LED display screens on the market can only have a clear sense when viewed from a long distance, and the picture quality "grain sense" is obvious when viewed from a short distance. But with the popularity of LED display commercialization, more and more outdoor large screens enter the bustling business district, or are located on the street, or become exquisite full-color door, or stand in the center of the square, or become a dazzling shop window screen. The LED display screen is getting closer and closer to people, and the distance between near points is small enough to ensure a high-quality viewing experience The demand for close-up viewing is increasing, which also makes the popularity of outdoor P5 LED display screen and LED display screen with smaller and clearer become an inevitable trend. Nearly 5 meters and less display effect is still perfect, HD delicate, suitable for myopia applications. In the information kiosk / newspaper kiosk, bus platform, chain luxury shop window, community information broadcast, outdoor seat ads, lamp post ads, shops, gatekeepers, gas stations and other market segments, it is favored.
  • P2.5 hotel LED display P2.5 hotel LED display
    In the weddings, company celebrations and celebrations held by the hotel, it is generally inseparable from the large LED screen, good display and visual effects, which adds a lot to the atmosphere of the live event. It is very necessary to choose a high-quality hotel LED display, and many people are not very clear about the price of hotel LED display. The following is a case of yose electronics providing indoor P2.5 LED display in the hotel conference hall for your reference. Hotel LED display price composition includes: screen body part, peripheral equipment, steel structure and wiring, and other costs. Detailed explanation of hotel LED display price composition: 1. Screen body part LED screen price accounts for more than 70% of the total investment of the project. The screen body is composed of an LED module, a power supply, a cabinet, a cable, and a power cable. Sending and receiving cards. The sending card packs the image information and sends it to the receiving card. After the receiving card unpacks, it performs image processing. The area of the control screen body of each receiving card is fixed, which is related to the pixels. The special graphics card of the display screen, just like the computer graphics card, displays graphics images. LED player software, this is provided for free. Generally use synchronous control system.
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