LED floor tile display advantages August 28,2020.
Research and develop the key technology of LED floor tile display to realize high-definition, interactive and sensitive LED floor tile screen LED display products. The development of LED technology, computer technology and electronic technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and LED floor tile display technology is also showing rapid development. The display content of the display screen is transformed from text pictures into video for real-time display. The control technology of the display screen has developed from a single screen to a network, and the display shape has developed from a flat surface to a different surface. Recently, full-color, high-definition, high-refresh LED displays have become a new growth point in the LED display industry, which contains a huge market. At present, the LED full-color interactive floor tile display has achieved excellent performance in the high-definition and high refresh industry technology level. The future LED full-color interactive floor tile display will show the following development trends:

1) Large resolution, ultra high definition
With the further expansion of the LED full-color display application market, large-resolution ultra-high-definition will become the future competitive element of the LED floor tile display industry.
2) Thin and light
At present, most of the LED full-color display products are mainly square, rectangular and other planar shapes, and the screen body is thick and heavy, which cannot meet the installation requirements of small spaces. In addition, stage performances, exhibitions, etc. The demand for portable LED display application products is increasing, which puts forward higher requirements on the physical properties of LED full-color display screens such as weight, thickness, and flexibility. The lighter LED full-color display has the advantages of convenient transportation and single-person operation. It is the application direction of stage performances and exhibition activities; the thinner LED full-color display can save product installation space and expand the product application range. The product segmentation application market has been expanded, effectively ensuring the continuous growth of the industry.

3) LED human body induction interactive floor tile screens are increasingly energy-saving and environmentally friendly
Although LED full-color displays have energy-saving advantages compared to traditional display applications, they still need to consume a certain amount of energy due to the large number of LED chips used in LED full-color displays. In the context of increasingly tight energy, as the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection has become more popular, further reducing product energy conservation is still an important development direction for the industry.

4) High density, high brightness, high grayscale, high refresh rate, high precision
High-density: With the widespread use of LED displays and the improvement of technology, viewing from long distances to close distances gradually, high-definition LED displays will also be widely used indoors and outdoors. Therefore, LED displays will become higher and higher Density; high brightness: brightness refers to the amount of light emitted per square meter; because the outdoor floor tile LED display is affected by strong external light, it will directly affect its display effect, so the brightness plays a key role in the display. High grayscale: Grayscale refers to pure white, pure black, and a series of transition colors from black to white among the two. As the mainstream LED display screen in the future, it is an inevitable trend to improve its high grayscale; high refresh : Refresh rate refers to the number of times the electron beam repeatedly scans the image on the screen. The higher the refresh rate, the better the stability of the displayed image (picture). Therefore, only a high-refresh LED display can meet the display requirements; high precision: from the perspective of technical advantages, the surface flatness of the LED display requires the least Within ±1mm to ensure that the displayed image is not distorted. To improve this phenomenon, it is necessary to improve the plane and dimensional accuracy of the box itself and the accuracy of the box splicing.
5) Intelligent
With the continuous enhancement of LED display technology development capabilities, people are paying more and more attention to the user experience of the product, and higher requirements are also placed on the LED display. The intelligence of the LED display can realize functions such as automatic startup and shutdown, automatic adjustment of display brightness, automatic alarm, automatic cooling, automatic fire extinguishing, automatic programming, and mobile phone control of the LED display, which greatly improves the user experience. Intelligentization has gradually become a development trend of LED displays.

6) 3D display technology
At present, 3D display technology is mature and widely used in display technology, and the LED display screen as the mainstream screen in the future will inevitably use this technology. The 3D display technology adopts a professional 3D control system. Without changing the existing structure of the floor tile LED display screen, the ordinary floor tile LED display screen can be immersed after the extension of interactive display technology and the production of specific effects. The 3D stereo experience, coupled with the ultra-high brightness of LED, makes the display effect of LED display better than LCD screen, which has become an inevitable development trend of LED display in the future.

7) Blanking circuit technology
Too high a refresh rate will speed up the frame change frequency, resulting in a small residual current in the upstream tube, which will cause the upstream LED light-emitting diodes to appear dark and bright, which will seriously affect the consistency of the entire screen, especially after long-term use, which will affect the screen body Dead lights and other phenomena appear in the overall life.

8) Button type face cover technology
Nowadays, the cover of the product is fixed with screws. There are too many screws, which is time-consuming during production and maintenance. The uneven force of the electric screwdriver when screwing the screws causes the cover to deform, which affects the flatness of the entire product. The snap-on cover technology Will be another development trend of LED large screens.

9) Front maintenance technology
Because the positioning pins on the product box prevent the box from being arbitrarily removed from the large screen, it brings inconvenience to some on-site emergency maintenance. In response to this phenomenon, the pre-product maintenance technology has played a decisive role. It allows the cabinet to be taken out of the large screen at will, which facilitates on-site emergency maintenance and is loved by the majority of customers. This technology will be necessary for the LED display industry. Development trend.
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