Advantages of LED floor tile screen interactive function 2021-03-31

Advantages of LED floor tile screen interactive function

LED floor tile

After the LED floor tile screen adds interactive functions, human-computer interaction is realized, the functionality of the LED floor tile screen is enhanced, and the application field of the LED floor tile screen is expanded. It is no longer just a display device. With the addition of interactive functions, the LED floor tile screen has become a multi-function device, which can be regarded as a display that integrates a mouse, a keyboard, and a touch function. Combine interactive materials to make the display more interesting, increase the experience of the experiencer, and enhance the immersive sense of the scene! And it can be integrated with more advanced display technologies, multi-industry equipment, multi-mode high-end games, etc. on the market! Combining advanced video splicing and fusion technology and multi-industry special equipment integration linkage, using the advantages of LED floor tiles and interactive technology to truly realize multi-faceted stereo imaging (also called true naked-eye 3D or AR technology), making virtual scenes more realistic and vivid. Many functional advantages make the application field of LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen wider, the presentation scene is more colorful, and the realized commercial value is also higher!

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