Advantages of interactive LED floor tile screen 2021-03-29

Advantages Of Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen

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LED floor tiles with interactive functions have injected new ideas into this market. The traditional LED floor tile screen can only play fixed videos according to the predetermined program to cater to the performance of the performers. According to the principle of human body induction, the interactive LED floor tile screen can follow the activities of the human body to present real-time picture effects. The appearance of the LED interactive floor tile screen is a creative stage performance. Implementation provides a more efficient means.

The main advantages of the interactive LED floor tile screen are:

1. The mask is treated with frosting technology, which can prevent slippage and glare.

2. The screen has uniform light emission and wide viewing angle.

3. Multiple base frame groups can be used

4. The box body can be equipped with aviation plug connectors, which eliminates the need for exposed wiring and has achieved aesthetics. Together, a screen can be spliced easily and quickly.

5. The touch screen can realize the interaction between people and the screen, so as to realize humanized functions.

6. The protection level can reach IP65.

The special effects of LED floor tiles have been used vividly in the stage performances, creating a magnificent and modern scene that gives people an immersive audio-visual feast.

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LED floor tile screen module luminous lamp beads adopt SMD3535 three-in-one design, which makes the LED floor tile screen have a good light effect when used indoors or outdoors.

The LED floor tile screen adopts super strong PC cover load-bearing design, up to 2.5 tons.

interactive LED floor tile screen

The LED floor tile screen uses a constant current drive chip and an input buffer chip, which can display video animation, image text information and other characteristics when linked to the LED control system.

More importantly: it can also have interactive effects.

led floor tile screen

The LED floor tile screen is mainly used in the background of indoor and outdoor stage floor tiles. The floor tile screen is the result of scientific research and development and represents the future development direction of LED products.

The current interactive LED floor tile screens, DJ screens, cube screens, spherical screens and other types of special-shaped screen display equipment are useful supplements. They have been widely used in stage rentals, song and dance evenings, various conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, and auditoriums. Lecture Hall, etc., have attracted great attention in domestic and foreign markets; it also provides a promising market direction for full-color LED display manufacturers.

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