LED flexible screen

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Introduction to LED flexible screen

1. The flexible LED display module is cleverly designed by combining the concept of soft light bar

2. The flexible LED display module can splice arc screen, cylinder, curved surface and other displays as required

It is a technical improvement with outstanding characteristics and progress, with high construction efficiency.

Main features of flexible LED screen

1. The installation of flexible LED display screen can be any curved surface, which is suitable for artistic modeling;

2. Suitable for curved surface display of stage background, exhibition hall and indoor conference room;

3. For the installation of flexible LED display screen, the on-site installation structure shall be completed,

and the strong magnet adsorption installation shall be adopted,

Direct adsorption is convenient for installation and maintenance, and has high safety and stability.

4. PCB adopts flexible soft board, and the mask and bottom shell adopt silica gel;

5. The connection between modules adopts conventional 75 signal - or high-end connector - HDMI connector;

6. Distributed scanning and modular design technology are adopted, which has higher reliability and stability;

7. High gray and high refresh rate design: the gray level can be 10-16bit, and the refresh frequency can be

1920-3840hz, so that the LED display screen presents images without delay and dragging.

LED flexible screen

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